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it's that time of year

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

thursday's child


Unknown said...

Precious! I'd take that child any day of the week.........You can just feel the innocence, a much needed virtue in today's society.

Leedra said...

Love the butterfly she is playing with. She looks at peace by herself.

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Gail said...


She is adorable! We would have loved a daughter, too. Our son would be a good big brother. I appreciate good kids! gail

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Beautiful child... Gorgeous pictures. I especially love the butterfly.

marmee said...

thank you my friend, darla,
it is wonderful to possess that virtue and she is radiant with it.

gigi said...

i would've thought she would be Friday's child, since she is having a birthday tomorrow. but she is beautiful any day of the week, so photogenic and pretty. thanks for sharing her moments with the butterfly!

marmee said...

thank leedra, she plays well by herself and keeps herself entertained with quite a good imagination.

marmee said...

thank you kind gail, she's is quite the girl. after the three boys what a delight to have another girl. i am sure you and your son would've enjoyed having a little girl in your life.

marmee said...

besty, i loved that big butterfly too. and seeing her fly it around the blooming tulips was great.

marmee said...

thanks mom she will be friday's child for sure tomorrow. got her whole day planned out. she really enjoyed herself with that big butterfly.

Anonymous said...

how fortunate your kids are to have such a cool mom! your blog is really sweet.

marmee said...

rose tea,
thanks for coming by"things i love." you are a very creative girl. keep it up. it is good for the soul.