it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

nature of things

my mind searches for colour
a silhouette catches my eye
the colour of a frigid winter day
black, white and grey.

birds in their puffed up manner
dove looks like a partridge
perched in a pear tree
against the frozen sky.

wren has set out a cake
in case visitors decide to
stop in for some much needed conversation
but instead of waiting for anyone;

she digs in herself with seed & suet
the buffet set out for others is enticing
sweet little grey boy waits patiently
for a turn at the new place.

a pair of old friends the golden finches
make their way down the lane
to have some time with wren.
they have no problem with the house being a mess.
chickadee flies overhead and spots the party
he invites himself and joins in on the feast.

mr. finch officially declares it an occasion
and calls for the rest of the clan to join them.

they come over right away to see what all the fuss is about
and find a nice place for feasting themselves.

mr. and mrs. cardinal stroll over from the neighbours
and add the much needed colour to what was lacking.
feeling a bit of an outcast the sparrow sits on the outer edge
waiting for a proper invite to the festivities.
there is beauty in these grey days of winter
it flies above us
it sits in front of us
it takes a place at our table.


Gail said...


A lovely post! There is nothing more gratifying then fixing a big meal and seeing that everyone at the table is happy!


tina said...

Those are some happy birds! Love the pics of the cardinal sitting outside watching her friends eat. Maybe not such good friends?:)

Q said...

Dear Marmee,
This is a delight of a post...The shadows of the tulips are gorgeous...
The party Carolina Wren gave looks to be a success! So many Gold Finches...and I love the photograph of the White Throated of my favorite sparrows.
A happy post.
Thank you! My heart is warmed.

tina said...

Marmee, Can you please email me at thanks!

marmee said...

true, true, gail! these cold days it is all about that.

marmee said...

tina, all seemed friends as long as the food lasted.

marmee said...

dearest sherry,
i am glad to have warmed your heart a bit on these cold days.
i need some warmth...i will be making a trip to fl in a few weeks.
i am happy the birds all came to the feast i set out for them. it took them a while to be comfortable being close.

Leedra said...

Lovely variations for your bird series photos.

Leedra’s Photos For Fun
Photography By Leedra

gigi said...

are you writing your own prose or is your dh helping you? i am so impressed - as lovely as the bird pics are, the lilting poetry fits in so well! very nice post - chases away the winter blahs! such a pleasant bird community you live in. all living in harmony and peace, sharing the goodies and the table together. would that the human world would take note!

Katie said...

The silhouette of the tulips is such a beautiful picture.

Wendy said...

This was a very entertaining post! And such good bird pics. Loved the tulips outlined and the partrige in the pear tree.
Funny, I was just thinking of that song.....

Enjoy florida - wish I was coming along!

marmee said...

very true gigi, would that my human world would take note, those boys of mine.
i am very humbled that you like my prose, it was done by myself this time. although i must confess i did a post and took my time( couple of hours, i think) and then it disappeared. i thought i would be able to find it in my saved drafts but no to my disappointment it was totally gone.
i almost didn't feel like trying to repeat it but i was determined to try. i don't love it as i did the first one but it is still okay.
it is never the same the second time with no reference.
writing does help to chase the winter days of blahdom away.
love you gigi.

lola said...

Hi Marmee,
What a lovely post. I loved the pics of the birds. That cardinal really shows up. It's good they had a great table set before them.
The poetry was lovely. I do so enjoy when you add the poetry.
Wish you had time to stop by & have coffee with me. Maybe Lake City!!

marmee said...

thank you, i was really pleased with that shot. glad you found your way to "things i love".

Joanie said...

Love the finches. My manly man husband feeds frets over his finches. They love suet. He watches Mr. & Mrs. Cardinal all the time then he gets in his big black rollback tower and pulls trucks out of the ditch. You have a beautiful blog.

Roses and Lilacs said...

I loved your post. I can't imagine my garden in winter without the cheerful presence of birds.

marmee said...

lake city it is then. coffee with cream for me.
i am so delighted you enjoyed the post with prose. i think it helps me chase away the winter blues.
if you read my comment back to gigi you see i did it and lost it so i am glad to have been able to remember at least some it on the second time around.
hope all is well with you.

marmee said...

thank you we are getting a great many varities of birds this year.

marmee said...


glad you made it over here to "things i love", you are welcome here.
the birds add the needed respite for the eyes during these wintry days.

marmee said...

thanks, i love seeing the birds acting so frisky in this really cold weather. i don't know how they stand it. but i am glad you have so many kinds of beauties around here.

marmee said...

i did leave you a comment back, cyberspace is full of my disappearing words.
i am so happy you liked this post, it was fun to do. i loved that photo of the tulips from my seat of the lavendar couch in my sunroom.
i am so looking forward to the sunshine state trip and wish you could come.

Meems said...

Marmee, I'm so glad you are embracing your winter days and finding the beauty in your feathered friends. It must be a challenge in these grey, dreary days. Your little fellows are sure worth taking the time to photgraph and admire. I just love the way they find the goodies set out for them and hang around where they know they are cared for.

I realize I missed a couple of posts on here and I apologize. I was taking a blogging break last week and look what I missed. Those adorable and unusual chairs for the craft room... very nice find. AND the chandelier... no, you cannot have too many. Although I wish I had a few more... it's not a hard thing for me to find lighting that I like... the challenge is finding affordable lighting. LOL I like your new finds... have fun with all the ideas floating around in your head. My budget is focused on the garden these days and all my energy, too.
See you soon as you break from your grey and dreary TN --- Yippee!

Deb said...

What a beautiful blog you have! I love the background paper. You have a garden filled with lovely birds :-)

marmee said...

meems, i am holding out for sunshine and making winter work with some prose & photographs. i am not meant to be inside day after day.
i can't wait to head down to the sunshine state and sit in the sun with it on my face.
i am glad you like my new chairs. some things inspire me and those chairs do.
i understand taking a blogging break.

joey said...

Form and substance ... your first silhouette photo is the best! Hugs dear Marmee ... always a joy to visit your heart & soul.

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

A very creative and sweet post! I so love to feed the birds and watch them all gather around and feast! That's what I do all winter, too:)

Susie said...

All those little birdies are so cute. Looks like they were enjoying their meal tremendously.

marmee said...

dearest friend joey, thank you i really do love the way that came out. to know they were deep purple but because of the greyness of the day they were shadowed.
i could've called this blog heart and soul.
have a great tuesday!

marmee said...

jan, the birds are our winter flowers fluttering, festing, flying. it is good for the soul.

marmee said...

susie, thank God for the birds on these dreary winter days they bring a fresh breath of air to each day.

Sue said...

I like your pics and commentary. I am so ready for spring! At least we can tell the days are getting longer.