it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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Friday, January 23, 2009


today we will honour abbey.
it is her birthday.
we have laid out the celebrations for her.
it is her day.

she will be excited to see her party waiting for her.
we will share our love.
today she will have a special place at the table.
i hope she will feel exceptional.

there are gifts for the guests.
she loves to give.

one of her favourite things is cereal.
so we have a breakfast bar set up for her celebration.
i am sure she will love it.
milk included.

today will be about her.
today will be busy.
we celebrate her life with us.
happy birthday precious abbey!


Darla said...

Happy Birthday Abbey! I can't imagine your family feeling anything but special everyday of the year! You are a wonderful parent and grandparent!!

Roses and Lilacs said...

Abbey and I share a birthday. Happy birthday Abbey!

Don't you love that word 'merrymaking'? It strikes me as especially descriptive;)

Leedra said...

Happy Birthday to Abbey! I know she will feel special.

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Susie said...

Happy Birthday to Abbey. With all the decorations and special touches you have done she will definitely feel special. I have to say those little cereal dispensers are precious. What a neat idea!

gigi said...

happy birthday, dear abbey! happy birthday to you!! it looks like a very special celebration, with all the goodies and decorations prepared just for you! you should have a lot of fun with all your guests, and the gifts you will receive, with some to share with them too. i would love to be there also, but my heart is, and my thoughts will be about you today. you are a precious gift to all your family - and that includes us, grandma and papa! we pray you have many happy days ahead in your new year of life! God bless you, dear abbey! xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo

joey said...

This comes with heartfelt 'Happy Birthday' wishes for a glorious day, dear Marmee ... for you and Abbey (it's a beautiful day for mothers to celebrate the birth of their children). And I'm off to the lake, to celebrate my sister, Nancy's birthday! (It's been a birthday week ... husband's/twin sister's on the 20th, my father's was the 21st and would have been 109.)

Cheryl said...

Happy birthday Abbey....I know you are going to have such a fun day....and love those cereal very cute......

It always warms my heart to read of the happiness you share as a family......

tina said...

Happy Birthday Abbey! Your party is going to be FUN!

Meems said...

A very happy birthday to a very happy Abbey! All the fixins' are just perfect for her special day. (HA! I used those plates and napkins last year for my Easter celebration-- we must be sisters!) Marmee, you know how to do up any party the right way!
Meems @ Hoe and Shovel

jane said...

Hi Marmee,

Congratulations on winning the Andalucia Bundle! Send your address to

marmee said...

thank you darla, you are too sweet!

marmee said...

oh dear marnie, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you,
haaapppppy birthday dear marnie, happy birthday to you!

i do love the word merrymaking!i hope you made merry on your birthday!

marmee said...

i let abbey read all the post comments to her today and she was thrilled, thank you!

marmee said...

thank you, we did have a wonderful party and day celebrating abbey's special day.
today we stayed in playing with new toys and games.

marmee said...

gigi, as you know, since we talked via the phone, abbey had a great day. i let her read all the comments and she said grandma like to kiss and hug alot, lol! i realize you had a certain number of x and o's.

marmee said...

joey, it does make my heart glad knowing we were celebrating at the same time, just different people's birthdays. i am sure you have been a very busy lady with all those occasions in your life. birthdays are a big deal around here and we love to celebrate.

marmee said...


i am always delighted to share my love of family with all of you. it is what i am passionate about. so it comes easily. i will be very glad to spread that passion around when it comes time for more gardening.
i have let abbey read all comments and she was so happy to see all the well wishers on here. thank you!
those cereal dispenser now have to find a home somewhere. yikes. but i will make them work. it will be much easier for abbey to help herself.

marmee said...

thank you tina, we did have a blast and abbey enjoyed her day to the fullest.

marmee said...

meems thank you that is funny about the plates, that means they have been around for a while. i was trying to keep things simple and use most of what i already had. it always evolves from there. we all had a wonderful time together and abbey did feel very special. she thanked me and daddio over and over again. a grateful child is a nice thing to have any day.

marmee said...

how very exciting to have won your wonderful bundle of fabric. i can't wait to look at each piece and see the pendant. i will be teaching abbey to sew with these delightful swatches.

Sue said...

Happy Birthday Abbey! Do you know those round things with spikes are flower frogs? I collect different kinds of them. I can't remember if your mom saw them on my blog awhile back. They''re in my table of contents under things I collect.

I like your haircut, too!

Sue, from A Corner Garden

marmee said...

sue, i went over to see your flower frogs, a very impressive collection.
we (abbey and i) are loving her new look too. thank you!

Rissalee said...

my friend rae would go crazy for those cereal dispensers! where'd you get them? and, um, do you want to plan a certain 35th bday party for someone we know??? :o)

marmee said...

those dispenser came from the clearance isle at target. i thought they were too cute and too reasonable to pass on. i am always full of ideas on ways to spend others money, so bring it on.