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it's that time of year

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Saturday, September 5, 2009


i am elated to have found an antique mantle for my fireplace.
for three years i have been on the search for a truly unique mantle.
the problem...i had already ripped up the old one and it has looked...well
let's just say very undesirable...rough...industrial...unfinished.
i have tried to ignore it and even
hung a painting on the framework to hide the pink insulation and the big
galvanized flute for the chimney.
the last couple of years, at christmas, i even put nails in
the 2 x 4's and hung our stockings....trying to make the best of the ugliness.

well thursday i went into one of my favourite stores in
leiper's fork...all of about 4 exist, in our very small
town...although each one is very chic and individual.
my favourite is serenite maison.
i was going in to say hi to my friend alex who owns the store...and
buy some of the best smelling candles...pineapple~ginger.
i was browsing around for is the best antique store for that kind of thing.

when low and behold i see an old the ones in all the period
movies i love...oh bliss...i have scoured stores for these...looked at endless
renovation mags for the right here it sits inconspicuously waiting
for me to find it.

but even better than that..and this is an amazing find...tucked in a back
corner behind a leather fainting couch perched on top of a marbled
table...i see this beautifully aged mantle with a patina on it i
absolutely love....will it work...not sure...i need to get dh and
see if we can give it a try in the space..

a day or so later...oh my it fits p...p...perfectly...brings the room together
in a way it was lacking....i am in love....and a bit excited. after all...three
years with a naked fireplace is a long time to wait for the right piece.

i remember one of rachel's friends(oldest daughter) coming to visit for the first time and saying
really cool industrial...uuuuuggggghhhh~!

well not anymore...of course now the real work begins...walls need to be
built...surround needs to be found....tile?....granite?...mosiac?....
the floor piece has to be decided on...slate i think?
no worries...i have found the main ingredient...a real focal point for the gathering room...the mantle. all the rest will fall into for the money...i will be checking the
money tree outback... where was that was here last year...wasn't it?


Gail said...

I love them both! You did good Marmee! I love the shop, too. I've never failed to see something charming there. Have a good weekend.

Darla said...

What a great find!!! Love it!! My Monarch was born !!

Joanne said...

Great find I am so pleased you waited for the right one. You will enjoy this for years.

Lola said...

Great find. Love it. Can't wait for follow up. Love those antiques.

Meems said...

Oh, Marmee,
It is so great to happen upon one of those perfect finds when you've waited patiently for just the right 'piece'. There is just something about seeing it and 'knowing' it is just what you were looking for.

You are right... it IS perfect for your house, that room, your love for all things patina and antique. I so admire your 'design eye' and the way you can bring a room together with such fine elements.

It will be so fun to watch this progression now... I know you and you will now be very motivated to find that money tree and get that project completed. The time is right and I can't wait to see it as you make the rest of the choices.

fun stuff.

Cheryl said...

How wonderful Marmee...absolutely is always good to wait....time allows us to find exactly what we want....this will be a project worth waiting for.
Can't wait to see it finished....

The store is different from anything here......

Around five miles from where I live there is a reclaimation centre. When old houses are pulled down they salvage the antique features. We always go there to find bits and pieces.....

Our next project is our roof (I am dreading it) is a slate roof at the moment and not in the period of the property. We need Kent peg tiles, which we have now Spring we will probably have the roof done.....
Have a lovely weekend......

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hi Marmee, I love them both... They truly fit perfectly in there---just like they were meant to be.... I can't wait to see if when you totally finish that area. And just think how gorgeous it will be at Christmas -time with a big tree nearby and a roaring fire in the fireplace.


tina said...

Lucky you! It is hard to find the right mantle. I wound up buying mine at an action at a cabinet maker's store. It works for us but I so would've loved an antigue one. Great color too!

marmee said...


it's so great having blog friends to share my excitement ALL are the best. it is something when you find the right just know. having you share in my enthusiasum is is giving me the motivation to see the project through...still looking for the money tree though...did you guys see it anywhere?
happy september.

marmee said...

joanne, thank you for leaving a comment. i am very delighted you found "things i love." come and visit are welcomed here.