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it's that time of year

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


we would like you to meet...tawny.

this is our precious new bunny.

buster brown is getting to know her.

a long time ago we had a bunny named treasure...she had been
abandoned by her mother and we got her when she was just three weeks old.
she only lived about a month or so.

abbey was heart~broken and has never forgotten treasure.
when we got our new bunny she wanted to name it something to do with treasure.
i suggested we look in the thesaurus. treasure:prized possession,
abundance, cache, cash, cherish, darling, fortune, money, jewel,
pride and joy, riches, treasure trove, value.

we kind of like cherish but we decide to look up other words.
treasure = riches, fortune, treasure trove.
after some conversation we look up gold: dark yellow, aurous, blonde,
caramel, flaxen, honeyed, straw, tan, tawny, wheat.

so abbey says i really like tawny. with her golden circles around the eyes and
a small line at her tawny it remind us of treasure who has gone on.

our tawny. ~photo by abbey~

~photo by abbey~


Darla said...

Love, love bunnies!!!! I have had many...even one that was litter box trained in the house, the only problem is she liked to chew on our funiture ....Great name..

Susie said...

I'm like Darla, I love bunnies. They are the most precious little animals and so soft.

Tawny is a perfect name for her.

marmee said...


i love bunnies too...obviously. we are going to try to train it to use litter box. i have tried before and it didn't always work/with other bunnies. my formal dinning table and one chair leg was chewed by one of our adorable dogs....but no one confessed. can you believe it?
the name is growing on me.

marmee said...


we love bunnies around here too. i am kind of an animal addict. i can't help myself...but they always turn out to be so great a fit into the family...if it is right.
abbey chose tawny the name as soon as she heard it and it seems to fit. i have never had anything named she will be unique.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Marmee, Glad you got Tawny for Abbey... I'm sure she is thrilled.. Tawny is such a cutie!!!!! Congrats to her--and welcome to the family. What does Buster Brown think of the new family member????

Great NAME..

Lola said...

Oh she is such a cutie. The name is most appropriate.
We had a Bunnie for a pet when I was a kid. A big gray one & so smart. We could talk to him & it seemed he understood.
We always made pets out of anything we got our hands on. Marmee you may be too young, but, do you remember the movie "Perry" by Walt Disney? It was a story about a little squirrel.
Well, we had a pet squirrel "Missy" & the local theater used her for advertisement for that movie. I thought it was neat till I saw they had her in the sun, then I got mad, took "Missy" home so she wouldn't have to lay in the sun like that. She was very hot.

marmee said...


thank you for being happy for abbey...we are so excited to have tawny join our family...dh thinks i might be crazy.
buster was very interested in our new bunny when we had her out today. he was so still watching her.
september blessings.

marmee said...


thank you...we are falling hard for her...i think abbey did well in choosing the name.
i don't remember that movie but i will look for it as abbey and i love to watch older movies and about animals.
that is funny about your pet least you were there to take care of her. we actually had a squirrel when i was a kid too. my brothers made a trap to catch it and we kept it for a while. we also had a racoon.
september happy days.

tina said...

Awww, sweet little bunny. Tawny is a good name for her. I have two bunnies here and they give me great fertilizer for the garden-so you almost get a twofer-a cuddly bunny to love and fertilizer for the garden!

ShySongbird said...

What a little sweetie! I must admit to loving the name Cherish from your list but I do think Abbey chose very well. I loved the photo of Buster Brown with Tawny, he did look very interested, I'm afraid my Louis might be too interested!!

Dirt Princess said...

awwwwww how cute!

inadvertent farmer said...

I adore bunnies! We have gotten two recently from the Humane Society! Yours is just darling, Kim

Gail said...

Marmee, Abbey has such a big heart and you and her dad are sweet to open your home to puppies, rabbits and horses...did I forget cats? I can see why you live on a farm. gail

Roses and Lilacs said...

How darling. Love the golden eye shadow;) What a fun pet.

Meems said...

I came over here thinking this Tawny post would be about all the sensations of autumn somehow.

But it is the fluffiest little bunny.

All that Tawny poo is going to come in handy in the garden... and it doesn't have to age... just throw it right in. Good stuff!

marmee said...


like how you think...a twofer is exactly what i had in mind. gotta love those dual purpose pets.

marmee said...


cherish was my first choice too but alas it was abbey's bunny...i do really think tawny is we are enjoying her very much...just one more dimension in the pet gallery.

marmee said...

dirt very cute...cuddley....

marmee said...


i would love to see your bunnies...they are all so cute. we are really loving this new little girl(we think) she is so sweet.

marmee said...


we need a farm just to keep up with all the livestock...hehe.
i am just as much wanting all these sweet creatures as my kids do...the one i am still trying to convince is dh.

marmee said...

marnie, isn't that shadow just so precious...she had my heart the minute i saw her. she is just as sweet as she is cute....which makes it nice for the children and the grands.

marmee said...


after six babies and 4 grands and many animals can you believe we still get excited about poo around here. well we do...especially since it can go into our garden. oh yes.
i think the word tawny would be a great description of fall...too bad i didn't think of it. plus we are having a warming trend...not to bad though.