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it's that time of year

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

a few of my favourite things

as you know our family likes to for my birthday
(it's really next week)we did it marmee style.

pj's are a must....then my good friend, maday, agreed to make cuban of my faves.
# 2

having family around me is absolutely necessary. this has to be #1.

what goes better with cuban food than cuban bread...thank goodness they sell it here now.
thanks publix.


our entertainment for the night....slightly off girls doing cabaret.

lots of closeness is on the list.......#?....oh well it's right up there with # 1

okay so drawing on the chalkboard wasn't on my list but
definitely on ellery's.

# 7...squeezing in together.

on the top of the  list....did i mention cuban food.

hot sauce is  a given especially when cuban food is served. #6

# 9  & 13
 candlelight & sons.

laughing, dancing, and generally doing anything that makes you happy. #8

fried chicken....cuban style.

# 4...hugging

i guess this should be # 1 but shhhh i really could bypass the cake as long as there is cuban food.

let them eat cake....homemade by rachel....german chocolate cake. #12
not a bad thing to be made to do.

watching movies # 10 in p.j.'s while cuddling with
your favourite movie buddy.

a touch of homemade sangria....a touch of being silly.
#7 & 11

oh so much fun....and there were presents.....that was all their idea.
# 14 cards with endearing remarks...i love them...gotta have those.

all made together for one of the best celebrations....ever.
there was one thing missing....the rest of my fl family.
we will have to make up for it on our next visit together.
september blessings to all.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Happy Birthday (next week) Marmee... Looks like your family made sure you celebrated with a PERFECT day together. There's nothing better than good food, family and lots of fun...Congrats!!!


marmee said...


love your new profile young.

it was absolutely perfect!
thank you.
happy september.

Lola said...

I'm so glad to see that your family had yet another glorious get together. Sorry the Fl. part couldn't be there.
In ahead mode--Happy Birthday.
Boy all that good looking food sure has made me hungry.
Happy Sept.

marmee said...

happy september to you...thank you for your wishes.
we had such a wonderful evening.

Darla said...

Food , family and fun~~ What a great birthday just a tad bit early!!

tina said...

Happy Birthday (early) to you Marmee!

TC said...

I can't remember the last time I visited! Shame on me!

Happy Birthday!! (A week early.)

marmee said...


all the more to celebrate...when you do early.

marmee said...

thank you tina!
happy september>!

marmee said...


i am glad you made it by again...thank you.
i have asked over and over again for that recipe from my day she will come through and i will send it to you.
i have not forgotten.
happy september.

Frances said...

Happy Birthday, Marmee! Being with one's family is the best thing about being alive! We have a small mom and pop restaurant here where the cook, Angela, is cuban with an italian husband. The food is out of this world and I often get take out at least once a week. The seasonings are amazing, everything is spicy but not too much so. What she does with vegetables makes my heart, and tummy, sing! :-)

Rose said...

Happy early Birthday, Marmee! It looks like you have had the perfect celebration already. Family, good food, and watching movies in your pj's--sounds perfect!

marmee said...


how fortunate for you to have an itali~cuban food mix available to you. it is so yummy.
i could think of a better place to be than with my family on my bday celebration. it was great.

marmee said...


it was perfect just missing one daughter and a sister that would've made it better.
i am a very blessed woman and enjoyed my pre~celebration.
i will have a quiet bday this week with just my dh and two of my children.

Lisa said...

Beautiful pictures! I have been on vacation and out of the loop.

The food and time with family looks wonderful.


Lisa Q

marmee said...

thank you lisa...hope you had a wonderful vacation. happy homecoming. happy september.

Crazy Friend said...

I love your blog and you can tell how much love is in your family. You are blessed!

Gail said...

Happy early Birthday Celebrations! You guys sure know how to celebrate~~Good friends, loved ones, good food, music...Did I miss the party hats? Lucky you to have Cuban food...sigh. gail

Susie said...

Looks like loads of fun Marmee! Hope your birthday week is great!

ShySongbird said...

A Very Happy Birthday to you Marmee, I hope you have a wonderful birthday week, I had a birthday fortnight this year, it must be a record!!

How lovely that you were able to get together and have one of your wonderful celebrations, your photos show you all had a great time :)

marmee said...

i love you cow profile you live on or near a farm? i am glad you found my blog.
you are welcomed to visit
"things i love" anytime.
happy september.

marmee said...


thank will be one of those week long birthdays...not too bad.
we do like to celebrate when we get the chance...there are a lot of b~days in this family and then add in the holidays and it's at least twice a month.
happy september.

marmee said...


i think it will be one of weeks of many different celebratory days.
thanks i plan on having a great week.
happy september fall days.

marmee said...


we did have a wonderful time...who doesn't when they are celebrating.
a! some kind of record is right.
happy september fall days.