it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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Monday, September 7, 2009


on the heels of the last bastions of summer...we celebrate labour day weekend.

as the sun goes down on summer.....let's celebrate the seasons changing.

so we threw a little shindig with a few close friends and family.
with my new/antique mantle on display proudly...we gathered for
some wine and cheese....and fellowship.

chatting it up about the new school year, football, the weather, food, life as we change, and just about any other topic you could think of clothes, hair, music, boys, the difference between boys and men...not much was the profound conclusion.

camille and jess
this is a definite must try...goat cheese and honeycomb
on a toasted baguette....deliciously yummy.

put out the food and they will come...especially for banana bread.
it barely made it out of the oven...served piping hot....

abbey and gwyne


an interesting caramel coloured/tasting cheese....

prosciutto with fresh melon balls from the garden....great combo.

bibette and tine....sisters.

we had a surprise visit from our number 2 son, glad he drove 6 hours to join us for a week or so.

rachel and ethan.......sister and brother.

then there is the littles......ellery being the least at this gathering anyway.

it was a great night to be together....laughing....talking....remembering....



ShySongbird said...

Oh delicious! A glass or two of the red please, lots of chunks of those lovely looking cheeses and oh yes some of that yummy looking banana bread please ;)

What a lovely shindig that was Marmee, I do enjoy sharing your celebrations, it looked like you had such fun!

Actually I think I'll try the goats cheese and honeycomb on baguette too and don't forget some melon please :)

Lola said...

Oh my, it all looks so good. Good food, great friends & loving family members creating memories to last a life time. Nothing could be any better.

Darla said...

Everything looks great and everyone looks happy..a wonderful combination.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Looks like a wonderful occasion for family and friends... All of your goodies look so delicious!!!!! Love that goat cheese... Yum!

That was great that Ethan joined you...SO---you must have had a terrific Labor Day weekend.


marmee said...

merlot or pinot noir, ssb?
too bad you couldn't have joined us for real...that banana bread is an old family recipe. you must try that combo of honey/cheese and bread. the other one that i loved was pepperdew cheese/garlic and fig spread on a thin rice cracker with cracked pepper. oh my it was good.
we did have a great time.
happy september.

marmee said...

lola...we just keep on creating those memories...such fun.

marmee said...

so right darla...being happy and being together...the very best of the best.

marmee said...

betsy...what i very nice weekend. started with wine and cheese and ended today with smoked turkey.
it is always nice when one of your children comes for a visit.
i've all three boys all weekend and they are funny together. all so different.
happy september to you betsy.

Susie said...

Oh all that food looks delish. I bet that honeycomb was so yummy. Glad you had a wonderful time.

Roses and Lilacs said...

A wonderful family get together. I'm kind of bummed about summer ending. I hope we won't have an early winter this year. I know fall stretches well into November in your area but we aren't usually so lucky.

marmee said...


we did have a wonderful...that honey comb is delish...especially with the goat cheese.
happy september

marmee said...


as much as i like summer...i am looking forward to fall...but not winter. i know you have a long winter...too long. maybe you should plan a trip to the south during your winter months to escape for a bit. that helped me last year.
we did have a grand time getting together for food and talking time.

happy september.

Q said...

Saying goodbye to summer while hugging family and friends is the best. It is always a delight to be included in your gatherings.
Thank you.

Lisa said...

Beautiful!!!! Everything looked wonderful. I love to try new cheeses and such.
We are vacationing all next week and I am going to make some new things for us to try.

Lisa Q

marmee said...


what a pleasure to have you join us for our gathering celebrating the seasons changes.
happy september.

marmee said...

lisa...we are always up for trying new cheese and speciality items to go with it. have a great holiday.
happy days of september.

Meems said...

Dear Marmee... you do not know the meaning of "little" shindig... but you DO know the meaning of SHINDIG! It all looks gorgeously "marmee style". Everything in place with wonderful surprises in every little nook and cranny. Love the drawer for a serving tray... love the wooden pieces placed for varying heights of serving... the flowers, the fruit, the candles... all that cheese and food had to be good and times surrounded with family and friends is the best! I'm reminded how far apart we live when I see the gatherings I miss. Have a beautiful week as you enjoy the beginnings of September.
Love and hugs... meems

marmee said...


you make me laugh! that drawer was out to be painted and i thought it would make a great serving piece...of course 'you' noticed it. my problem is i don't know when to stop just keep adding so sure there are things stuck in all the nooks and crannies.
we did have fun but would have been so much better with you and your lovely family. that's when i truly notice we are just too far apart...too. wouldn't it be great if we could just transport ourselves back and forth. i'd be popping in all the time to ask you things.
september has been hot so far...funny we were kinda cool all summer.
love and hugs...sis.

Gail said...

Marmee, It sounds like you had a great weekend! The new mantle really does look good! Hard to believe it's September! Have a good day. gail

marmee said...


september is here and it is hard to believe. we did have a wonderful time.
our country boy restaurant got a makeover...maybe we could meet there sometime.