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it's that time of year

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

realm of saturation

i want to fairly warn you i am on image overload and i have almost one thousand images...
....of course this is only a fraction...i am sharing with you today....i have so many posts
rattling around in my brain....i hope this one makes sense.

it is a major understatement to say we are soaked to the bone around here.
it is fair to say everything and every dog is let's say......uhmmmm........wet.....wet...wet!
beatrice is a very large wet dog.
bronte' jane is a very dark chocolate wet dog.
lylah is a smallish puppy that is also very wet.
there are some benefits to all the drought....last year we had one and lost 7 trees.
also there are outdoor lessons on rain just kidding....but plenty of outdoor fun. ...definitely not as much mowing.
abbey is loving it....when it is not lightning.
all the dogs love it especially the big guy...buster brown.
abbey doesn't mind a little water mixed with a little's called mudddddd.
and it is prolific around here making it onto every one's shoes....clothes.... floors.
lots of puddle jumping going on around here.
our dry creek bed is babbling with all the overflow.
there are hints of fall everywhere.
the osage oranges are back but so many are floating around in our front yard.
this is our driveway/moat....we are so middle ages.
my black pansy aren't showing their faces....they are too weighted down with moisture.
i am loving them anyway though. i can imagine them with sunshine on their petals.
nandina berries are tingeing red.
this morning glory needs help to stay on it's vine by leaning onto another.

*****side note*****
if you click on the photo and look can see my house in reflection
on the water droplet. i thought that was pretty cool.
the seasons are changing...colours are changing.
leaves are falling.
branches are becoming bare.

there is so much precipitation that the seeds put out for the birds are sprouting.

the birds and their houses are soaked.
with all the rain...we even had a very unusual visitor for tn....a gator..... actually this gator travels with us from house to house.
he's our mascot of sorts and is used as a stepping stone.
there are raindrops on literally all things that are outdoors.

we finally have more than a few cosmos.

there is a carpet of leaves on our very wet patio.
we are enjoying the changing of seasons and are
rejoicing in the moisture given us in september.
happy fall everyone.


Darla said...

Yeah, I'd say ya'll are pretty wet around there. Abbey is adorable in the puddles...the water droplet with your house is awesome!!!!

Jan said...

You have some great photos here. My favorite is the second to last, the carpet of leaves. Very nice.

Always Growing

Meems said...

When all of life is drippy wet is offers a very different perspective through the lens doesn't it! So many wonderful images shared today. [Not the greatest combination though~~ dogs and too much rain~~ you know me... always thinking of the tracking in. Yikes.] But they sure do look cute with Abbey enjoying all those puddles.

The droplet with your home refected is very cool. All the captures speaking of autumn beginnings are appealing to my love for this season. Beautiful.

And OH, I almost forgot... the Miss Muffet caladiums are still looking amazing! You must have found just the right spot for them. Seeing them reminds me of my visit last October... great memories.

Hugs to you and happy Sunday, dear sister.
Meems @ Hoe and Shovel

Gail said...

I love that you got into the spirit~~the rain was certainly relentless, but you've captured lovely images and had a great deal of fun! Is that a wet weather spring running through your property! My count is 4.5 inches of rain in the last rain with a grand total of about 14 inches in all during our monsoon. Now I understand the reason for mudrooms!

Have a sweet week!


Teresa said...

beautiful photographs. Love the puddle jumping shots. Glad you are enjoying the wetness, It looks like you have plenty of it.

tina said...

Awww, poor little doggies. They sure show the water around here. Surprisingly enough not so much in my area. Take care.

TC said...

Loved the picture show, although it was a little wet. ;~)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Okay Marmee---I have a question: did you get some rain??????????? ha ha ha

Great set of pictures; I love seeing Abbey playing in the mud and water... How special...

Hope you got some nice sunshine today like we did.

marmee said...

hey finally didn't rain today...hooray! but we are still plenty wet. thank you.

marmee said...


thanks i love that one too...we are blanketed in leaves. it is such a pretty time of the year.

marmee said...


the inevitable muddy pawprints and foot prints are always a bit of a problem around here. i should just paint them permanently on the floor and not bother mopping...yikes is right.
i have so many more photos of the fall coming but they will be coming soon...i am excited to see the leaves changing slowly. we lost our leaves early last year due to drought. so hopefully we will have a better show of fall colours this year.
i am so happy with my containers this year and love having the miss muffets do so well. they are wonderful water catchers.
we did have a wonderful fall visit last year.
happy september.

marmee said...


i am telling you it's been crazy with all the rain. we will be wet for a long time with our wet weather rivers all over the property. and the mud....whew.
you have to make fun out of it.
i know what you mean about mud rooms...
happy september.

marmee said...


you know what they say...if you can't beat them join we are enjoying the wetness as much as we can. i do love my sunshine though. thanks for coming by and glad you were able to enjoy.
happy september.

marmee said...


oh not so much rain? well we have had our share and then some. the dogs love it.
happy september.

marmee said...

tc....just a little. :)

marmee said...


let me ask you a question...are you always this excited>>>!!!!!
i can't imagine having the energy to keep up with you.
it is wonderful....truely.
we had a great time playing in the watery places all over this land.
today we had some sunshine...thanking God for that.
happy september.

ShySongbird said...

Those are some very soggy doggies ;)

I am with Abbey on the lightning, I don't like it and our poor dog Louis is terrified of it, just as he is of fireworks!

All your photos are as delightful as ever, the one of your house reflected in the water droplet is lovely.

We have had some glorious sunshine in the last few days but Autumn is closing in rapidly.

Have a wonderful (not too wet) week :)

Susie said...

You guys have had lots of rain. Love all the pics, especially of Abbey jumping up and down in the water.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Wonderful photos. We had a rainy weekend too but nothing like yours. All this wet weather should bring on some great fall leaf color...I hope.

Meredith said...

Wonderful photos -- that top one is particularly spectacular! What fun for Abbey to get to splash in the puddles -- your dogs look happy in the rain and mud, too!

marmee said...


so delighted you decided to come by "things i love."
i loved that first photo gives a real sense of the amount of moisture we were experiencing.
our dogs and abbey love when we get so much fills up our dry creek.
happy fall.

marmee said...


thank God we have had some sunshine the last few days but dramatically cooler.
the dogs love the rain but i love when they are not all muddy.
i was delighted to see the house in the droplet completely by mistake...i will gladly take the mistakes like that.
can you believe september will be gone today.
happy fall.

marmee said...


we have had a few days of sunshine now...and cooler temps.
happy fall.

marmee said... thoughts exactly on the colours...i sure hope so. last yr was a bust with all the dry weather.
we need a pretty fall.