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it's that time of year

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Friday, September 11, 2009

leiper's fork farmer's market

heading to wednesdays leiper's fork farmer's market...
try saying that three times fast.

this is the first year for the market is small but it
gives you a chance to get to know everybody on a first name basis...
always some fresh fruit, jam, preserves...we are trying a damson jam this week.

it seems like a very american thing to do...being involved
in a local farmer's market. i love that about it.

aren't these signs great...straight to the point...fresh fruit and veggies.

somebody likes eggplant...unfortunately no one in this family besides me.

another great feature is live a harpist.
handmade and rolled cinnamon buns...we passed but looks great.

these little garlic are so much better than anything at the grocery.

there is a local guy that makes these canes...he is quite a a great way.

one of my favourite things are these very sweet
golden sun~ripened cherry tomatoes. nature's candy.

we rarely eat cabbage...these were so large.

i love talking to the farmer's...they always have something
interesting to share or tell you a story of farming.

we have enjoyed the beef from this farm....humanely raised.

there is always a sense of pull up a chair and let's talk...
we can always swap tall tales of who has the biggest melons...or..........

95 % of photographs taken by abbey...after she took camera away from me and
ran around talking/photographing the produce.


Darla said...

What a quaint little market.. Abbey is here Mother's Daughter for sure!!!

ShySongbird said...

A lovely market Marmee, I love them, they can be so quirky. I'm with you on the Eggplants or Aubergines as we call them here, they are delicious!

Well done to Abbey for the photos :)

Roses and Lilacs said...

We have a variety of farmer's markets locally but most are on weekdays. Only two on Saturdays. Unfortunately most of the produce is purchased by the vendors from large commercial growers. That's something they don't tell the customers:(

Lola said...

Love those little home town markets. Especially if grown be locals.
Great on the pic taking. A professional in the making.

Rose said...

Beautiful images--a picture of Americana! I've meant to visit our local farmers' market all summer, but haven't done so because I've had enough to do keeping up with the vegetables I've grown here. I really must put this on my to-do list. Abbey did a great job of capturing the atmosphere in her photos!

tina said...

A lovely trip indeed.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Abbey is a great photographer.. Looks like a great time was had at the Farmer's Market... Yum---everything looks so fresh and yummy... Don't think I could pass up the cinnamon rolls. Cinnamon is good for me.. Right??? ha ha

One thing you will need to do if you want bigger pictures is to switch templates ---to a 'stretch' one.


Susie said...

She did a great job taking all those photos. I would love to go to a market like that. Looks wonderful! I don't think I could have passed on those cinnamon rolls myself!

Gail said...

Hi marmee...We have a new one not too far from or neighborhood...on Saturdays...Not very big but folks are very excited about it. Abbey did a great job! gail

marmee said...


it'a a great beginning.
in some ways but she sure reminds me of her daddio.

marmee said...


it'a a great beginning.
in some ways but she sure reminds me of her daddio.

marmee said...


love the name aubergines...i think that is another name for purple. we are very fortunate to have two lovely markets so close to us.
i was very proud of abbey's photos...she has got a good eye.

marmee said...


that stinks about the big vendors...ours is all locally least the ones we buy from. we get to hear their stories and what is happening on the farms. we have one on wed. and one on sat. that are close enough to visit.

marmee said...


abbey liked that you thought she was a pro in the making. she has a good eye for photos.
our farmers are all local and get to know them well. it makes for such great conversations.

marmee said...


you really should visit and then buy from boosts the local economy. also the food is
usually so delicious.
what a great way to celebrate america, too.
we are winding down on our veggie garden.
thank you for abbey...i did think she did a very nice job.

marmee said...


thanks...hope you are having a great weekend.

marmee said...


thanks for the emails...haven't had a chance to try anything yet.
not sure i want to change my template.
our closest farmer's market is 2 minutes from the house so we don't usually miss. the people and farmers are always so nice. they know our dogs by name too. i think it gives abbey a sense of community. well didn't pass on the kettle corn on saturday's market.
abbey has done very well with the camera...very natural.

marmee said...


i was sure happy with the photos abbey got...i couldn't have done better myself.
that little market is great so quaint.
we passed on the rolls but got kettle corn on saturday's making up for it.

marmee said...

glad to hear you have one available to you. you have to spread the word so it will stay around.
abbey did well with the photographs...bless her heart.
she is very creative.
happy september.

Anonymous said...

lovely photos...nice round-up of the market!

Meems said...

Just wonderful, Marmee. So Tennessee... so country... so quaint. We need more Farmer's Markets here...
Abbey did a great job with that camera and capturing the essence of the market.
Meems @ Hoe and Shovel

Q said...

My husband and I partnered with a farmer this year for weekly groceries it is called a "CSA program". We pick up our box of groceries on Saturdays at the Farmer's Market. I love the fruit and veggies...what ever she sends is our menue for the week.
Your Farmer's Market looks to be a wonderful way to connect with neighbors!
Abby is doing great with her photography! She has the eye.

marmee said...

flying stars,

thanks...we love our market.

marmee said...


it's true it is so tn. i really hope they stay with it until it gets established.
abbey was so cute running around to all the different farmers talking to them and taking their photos...i am so happy she gets to experience all this at such a tender age.
maybe life for her will be simple.
september blessings.

marmee said...

that is what we did this year too, "community supported agriculture." we cook what we get, also. i love it. we get a weekly email~newsletter from our farmer and she tells us what's in our baskets for the week with suggestions for recipe's.
it has been a great experience.
i am proud of my little photographer. she is doing quite well with the camera.
happy september.