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it's that time of year

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Sunday, November 2, 2008


~morning is bright, cool, beautiful ~
it is the last morn with my sis, meems.
our visit has flown by like time was running a sprint.
after her departure...i am filled with emotions.
my joy has been filled to heart sinks a little with her going.
we couldn't fit everything in...
there was not enough time to speak about all that was in our hearts.
i took my time going thoughts were of our hours spent together.
the trees looked more vivid...the countryside more appealing.

we had a wonderful 4 days...i am sad and happy in the same breath.
i smile, but feel a little like crying...sigh...


Anonymous said...

"Parting is such sweet sorrow". I don't know who said that, but it is true. I know how you feel as I've felt that way many times when I had to leave my brother & my mom in yrs. past when I'd go home for a visit.
Sadly there is no one there now--family that is.

Sunita Mohan said...

Beautiful post, Marmee. Very poignant!It really spoke to me because I feel exactly like that everytime I get to spend a few precious days with the rest of my family who live very far away from where I do in Mumbai.
And, I just loved your photos.

Anonymous said...

so glad you had such a good time sharing and caring! it is the precious moments of life that really define our relationships. sometimes we take for granted those who are close to us all the time, and those who only pass in & out of our lives seem more treasured. but it is the sum of those we share our hearts with that shape us and contribute to who we are in total. so, revisit your time together again and again in your memories, and start planning for the next opportunity!

joey said...

Beautiful photos, Marmee. Sisters are indeed wonderful and my heart is with you (my sister left for Florida last week for the winter ;(

Unknown said...

With sisters there's always so much to share...your post speaks of that wonderful affection and parting is painful.

Your countryside is spectacular, Marmee.

Roses and Lilacs said...

I feel like that too after a wonderful time spent with family and friend.

Susie said...

Oh, I know that feeling. I enjoy family visiting but when they leave I feel really sad.

I'm glad you and Meems had a good visit. Aren't sister relationships great!?!!

cherry said...

Bittersweet indeed but it sounds as if the two of you filled every second together with love & fun.

I enjoyed seeing your gardens through Meems eyes... so much beauty!


Cheryl said...

Don't cry is not quantity, it is have spent four wonderful days and obviously have a closeness that others only dream of........this time will be a sweet memory.......and there will be others..........
The photographs were fitting.......

marmee said...

it was shakespeare!

'Tis almost morning, I would have thee gone—
And yet no farther than a wan-ton's bird,
That lets it hop a little from his hand,
Like a poor prisoner in his twisted gyves,
And with a silken thread plucks it back again,
So loving-jealous of his liberty.

I would I were thy bird.

Sweet, so would I,
Yet I should kill thee with much cherishing.
Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow,
That I shall say good night till it be morrow.

he did capture the essence of the deep bond two people can feel.
i do have one grown daughter here with her husband and two children.

marmee said...

welcome to "things i love".
thank you for your sweet comments.
i am thrilled you love my photos.
family is precious and when they live a long distance away each visit is a treasure.
come back anytime.

marmee said...

you're next!!
i got abbey's performance schedule so i will be emailing that to all soon.
everything you said was right on. i am in a grateful state this morning reliving memories from the last two weeks visitors, esther, grace,& meems.
i love when you said,"those we share our hearts with"
"shape us and contribute to who we are in total"
it is so true.
i am blessed to have wonderful women in my life of all generations.
backwards and forwards!
love you much!

marmee said...

we are going thru the same withdrawl of need for our sisters company then. i feel for you.
i am glad you liked the photos. how do you capture a feeling?
thank you for your expressions of understanding.

marmee said...

my countryside is so meditative. it helps me breathe in the beauty of life and i am grateful!
my sister. as all sisters should be, is a treasure. we did have the most wonderful time and my family was very accomodating letting me do things that we wanted to do, girly stuff.

marmee said...

there was elation and deep sorrow at the same time, i don't always understand emotions but after time of reflection and driving, i can give way to the smile much more than the sorrow.

marmee said...

sisters are the best and uniquely there own kind of relationship. i have not always appreciated that. she is the older one and i sometimes have felt less than but as i finally get some understanding i realize it was my own doing.
we have entered a new level of sisterhood and i am processing it all.

marmee said...

we did indeed fill every minute. i am not a morning person and she is not a night person but we were burning the candle at both ends of the stick in order to get the maximine time together.
i am sure she is just as exhausted as i am. but it is a good tired.
my sister definitely has her own point of view even thru her lens. i too enjoyed seeing what she saw here, especially since the frost killed most of what i had.

marmee said...

thank you cheryl, i have had an excellent visit with meems. today i am grateful for the time we shared together and reliving the memories we created.
i didn't really have the ability to capture my feelings with photos but i tried, thanks.

Gail said...

Marmee, It is hard saying goodbye, especially to a much loved sister! You need weeks together! At least that is how I feel when I visit my sisters in St Louis! Having a sister is a and meems are fortunate to be so close and connect so deeply!

I was so very disappointed not to be able to see you both at the Farmers Market! Next time for sure!


marmee said...

yes gail we are truly blessed to have each other, meems and i. there is a bond and connection that is unique only to sisters.
we really did miss meeting you at the market but there will be other times i am sure. hope all is well and your hubby is feeling better.

Meems said...

Marmee, Bittersweet is a good description of the emotions felt for a time as sweet as I can remember. We DID burn the candle at both ends making certain to get the most out of every minute. Your family was truly accommodating ... letting us have the hours needed to do 'our thing'. I have so many photos I'm not sure how many posts it might take to fully portray the days... I'm guessing I'll have to cut it short.

Your dear readers have felt our emotions right along with us and isn't that a lovely connection as well? I'm glad you took your time getting home... If I drove those beautiful roads home I would take my time too. Very good for reflecting.
Talk soon. Hugs, Meems

Unknown said...

I'll be right back, need a tissue.
It is so nice to hear/see sisters enjoying each other so much, I pray that for our girls. I love to read the recaps of yall's visit.

marmee said...

meems i am sifting through my photos and editing them. i am trying to post a movie but am having a hard time and if it doesn't work i will have to go back and just do photos. we shall see.
we have had another gorgeous day here in leiper's. i spent a good deal of it out of doors, blogging, eating, bird watching, taking time for the sun.
it has been very good to make the connection online with all these wonderful women that are kind enough to read and comment.

marmee said...

hello darla,
there will be more recaps coming. keep your tissues handy, lol.
meems and i took so many photographs. we will both be posting soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marmee, you are so lucky to have Meems and she you. Having never had a sister, watching my two daughters interact as they have become mothers themselves is a joy for me. You cling to those you love but can hold them close in your mind until you meet again.


Leedra said...

A beautiful post. It seems when we are with people we love we share at 100 mph the whole time and when they leave we think of a million things we meant to share while they were with us. That is the way it is when we are around the people we love.

marmee said...

yes frances, i too have grown daughters who are friends and i love watching them interact and share their lives and loves. when we are young we never think we will get here but it is a great place middle age. yuck i don't like the sound of it but love the knowledge it brings.

marmee said...

leedra, thank you i am so blessed to have those i love come and stay awhile and just breathe in the time we have together.
time was on fastforward but at least i can rewind in my memories.

Thistledew Farm said...

It is always a let down when you are having fun filled days and then it all grinds to a halt and you return to reality! What fun time though! Thanks for checking out my blog - I thought a snood was one of those covers for a hair bun....I'm up for the challenge of what you described - I'll bet it needs to be felted to give it more shape and body.....hmmmm

marmee said...

yes it is sorta hard to go back to laundry, cleaning, grading papers etc... compared to tea rooms, botanical gardens, late night chats by the fireside.
it doesn't really compare.

the snoods i know about are a fashion forward statement worn by young women. felted sounds nice.