it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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Saturday, November 29, 2008

breakfast with santa

the girls were heading to eat breakfast with santa this morning.
it is being held at cheekwood botanical garden. my darling husband is taking them.
that is gwynevere in the black dress, my granddaughter.
abbey is in the red, my daughter.
they were very excited. they both loved being dressed up.

with santa letters in hand they are off.

sweet little ladies!


Susie said...

How cute they look! That sounds like lots of fun!

marmee said...

thanks susie! i am sitting by the fire while the girls are visiting the gardens with santa. life is good!

tina said...

I hope they have a great time. Love the wreath with the nandina berries.

marmee said...

thank you i added the berries for thanksgiving but i really like it. the girls are back and had a blast and their picture with santa adorable.

Anonymous said...

my beautiful girls. they are looking so grown up! how i miss them!! Gwyn is starting to get taller than Abbey now, even though she is a year younger. they are more like sisters than niece and aunt. i can hardly wait until their next summer visit with me. ohh, i miss seeing them so very much! thanks for sharing their santa visit!

marmee said...

it is my pleasure to share these beautiful girls, gigi.
they were so cute and excited to be together having this adventure.
i know they are both looking forward to their summer visit with you. yes gwyn is passing abbey in stature. she is turning 9 soon and then abbey will turn 10 at beginning of next year, wow, time keeps marching right along.
love you mom

Meems said...

Beautiful dressed up girls. Glad you got to have some time alone. But you gave up Cheekwood? Hmmm...

marmee said...

i did but it was very cold, so i stayed home with a fire going, coffee, and my laptop. it was wonderful.