it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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finding beauty in the natural things around us makes for one happy self and a lovely life. ~marmee

dash home farm, leiper's fork, tennessee

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

day spent walking

this is the view right outside my front door across the street.
dusk brings out the beautiful golden hues of the leaves.

nandina bushes heavily laden with berries are all around our property.
for some reason i have taken notice of them more this season with their reds, oranges and deep burgundies.

our 7 plus acres is partly pasture but their is a wall of dense
trees to the left that divides us from one neighbour.
as we take our leave to walk, the trees are our guides.

the leaves have been falling profusely creating showers of colour.
as they leave the trees, the berries all around show off their many varieties.

for me there is something so telling, so beautiful about spent...leaves, wildflowers, and fields.

since our frosts have tipped all the greenery in brown
the berries are just waiting for the birds to come and eat.

pleasing to my eye is the wispiness of the thistle.

i love the look of sepia in natural wild scape's.
this old tree holds many secrets of birds lives.

queen anne's lace is still pretty even though bitten.

nature is the best inspiration for fashion.
just take a look at the red, green, brown, grey...or the orange with black polka dotted leaves.

this walk has been rejuvenating for me and dh.
taking time alone, together, it is a blessing.

taking note of the beauty in nature always does the heart and mind good.


tina said...

What a nice walk.

Meems said...

Oooooo, I'm the first to comment. Yeah. I was walking with you... remembering all the spots you described and also remembering how very beautiful and peaceful the land lays on your property. It is true that there are so many beautiful things in nature at every season but this one stands alone (as do the others) for reasons of berries, seeds, pods, wispy thistle.... and oh, the colors... what God has done with His autumn paintbrush is stupendous. Loved, loved this post. (I just put one together today of berries and pods - we are definitely synced in so many ways!)
Love, love you too.

Meems said...

oops... I thought I was first. That's what I get for taking a phone call in the middle of my comment.

Tina is always on the ball anyway!

beckie said...

At last I get to take this walk with you. I tried a couple of times earlier and it said the page didn't exist. ?? What a lovely walk amidst nature's beauty. As you have shown all we have to do is look a little closer and there are all sorts of glorious sights to see. I'm sure the birds will make short work of all those berries. Thankyou for sharing.

Lavender and Vanilla Friends of the Gardens said...

Hi marmee, You have posted a glorious autumn walk. I love all the colours and also the seedheads and dry grasses, berries it all comes so beautifully together.
Nature in its wonderful late hues waiting for a rest but still so enchanting. enjoy your lovely autumn. T.

marmee said...

tina, thanks for coming along!

marmee said...

i am still trying to figure out why we didn't do this walk together? next time, right? let's just plan on lots of downtime next time. this autumal stage of the season is all it's own and i love it too. i will be looking forward to seeing your berries, seed pods and such. love you too

marmee said...

i had tried to post this as a movie and withdrew it a couple of times. i am disappointed i didn't get to post as a movie because i had music with it but i wasted too many hours trying it so i just posted the pictures with words instead. booey!
the images are still of a wonderful time in our autumnal season. i really loved seeing all the berries just ripe for the eating. thanks beckie!

marmee said...

there is a season for everything...i love this one. it is full of beautious wonders.
thanks for coming along on my walk.
i love how you said,
"Nature in its wonderful late hues waiting for a rest but still so enchanting."
well put.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marmee, I love your property, seven acres is perfect and to have a place to regularly walk is divine. You have shown us the true beauty of nature. I can appreciate the spent stalks too, you have shown them in a wonderful way. It is inspiration to let the things stand in my own garden for the wildlife and beauty of it all. Thanks.

Unknown said...

What a wonderful walk and time spent together. The spent flowers and leafless trees make me think of a job well done, now it's time to rest. I thought you had blocked me from your blog. I could only access this post beceause you left a comment on mine. I can't access your most recent post now. I will keep trying.

Susie said...

Looks like you had a lovely walk Marmee. Thanks for taking us along. Whether things are going to sleep or waking up for a season beauty surrounds us all. Enjoyed the pics very much!

Cheryl said...

Hi much in this post that I like....but too much to just leave in a comment section.....

nature does indeed restore the soul....and being out in the elements drawing strength from our surroundings is a bonus.....

I love the tree trunk with the holes, showing where life is or has been.....a secret world we can only dream about.....

Spent flowers are works of art.....reminding us of the summer and showing us that beauty lies in all seasons.....

An enchanting post.......

Q said...

Dear Marmee,
Thank you for sharing your walk. It was so very beautiful on your property. Makes me want to pack up my yard and my house and move far out into the wild places.
While walking in th ewoods yesterday I too paid attention to all the berries for the birds. Your poke berries look ripe. The Mockingbirds around my house love them!
Beautiful photographs of the spent Queen Ann's Lace. Wonderful eye!
Indian Summer has begun at my house. I hope to go walking and gathering this afternoon. My potpourri bowl is empty.
All my relations,
Sherry, who feels as she too is an Indian Princess

Roses and Lilacs said...

You have a wonderful view from your home. That old snag with all the woodpecker holes was great. I like seeing things like that.

Sunita Mohan said...

I loved this post! Beautiful photos accompanying beatiful thoughts... sigh!
I loved those very colourful berries.

marmee said...

as i grow in grace(older) i appreciate all of nature in a more thorough way. i love to be outdoors seeing what each day will bring. i am grateful that you came along with me.

marmee said...

you won't believe this but just as i finished answering your comment the computer decided to reconfigure and shut down on me.
so here goes me trying to say what i already said,
lol! is blocking someone even possible? i didn't know you could do such a thing and i certainly wouldn't want to.
i have been experiementing recently with new ways of posting things but haven't gotten it quite figured out. i have posted things and then withdrawn them and put them as drafts. i had no idea you could see it if it was out there for seconds. i will try posting it soon.
i'm trying to catch up on commenting and i have a grandbaby today.

marmee said...

i love the beauty of nature and i am surrounded by it. thanks for coming along with me for a walk for the soul.

marmee said...

kind words from a kind heart, thank you. i am trying to soak it all in as things are getting ready to change again. that old tree was hidden from me and when i saw it i was thrilled. it's like viewing an antique and thinking of the history that it holds.
i am not so fond of winter with the covered skies and the coldest of temperatures. i like the sun shining.
i do like getting bundled up and having a fire in the hearth.

marmee said...

dear indian princess sherry,
that's great to feel that way. enjoy your warmer days and walking in your beauty.
being out here in a more natural setting has enhanced my life in so many ways. i am not sure i would recognize the city girl i had become. i have always loved land, fields, walls of trees, sloping landscapes, nature. i feel like i am coming into a new phase of my life and i am embracing it.

marmee said...

i have wonderful views indeed! many uncultivated lands surround us, and i love that. we have many acres in landtrusts so it will always be. that is one reason we chose this area.
that old snag as you called it was so intriguing to me. i hadn't seen it on my way out but on my way back there it was with all it's history, love it.

marmee said...

so glad you decided to join me in my walk. the berries are like the flowers in the cooler temps. thank you!

Gail said...

Hi Marmee, Your photos are lovely! I think 7 acres in your Leiper's Fork setting would be a great place to walk~~~and think or just meditate on the goodness of life. Thanks for inviting us a long.

marmee said...

gail, i am pleased to have you join me. i get to walk my property and many other open acres adjoining us so it is a great time for reflection.

Unknown said...

What a lovely place to take a walk. The pictures reminded me of a subject way back in school called Nature Rambles.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Interesting pictures, Marmee... You know--there's beauty in everything, all around us, in every season. The only thing I don't like is pulling up Impatiens after the frost get them.. They turn to slimy mush!!!!!

marmee said...

that subject in school sounds interesting. when i was young we went to nature's classroom and spent a week going out into a natural place learning all about our area. i loved it.

marmee said...

thank you! i love the difference in the seasons. i am a fl girl and did not grow up with changes.
i don't pull up my impatiens because the reseed themselves.

CA Girl in 10-OC said...

Oh your photographs are glorious! Did you get a new lens? What are you using? I think I'm getting a new lens for Christmas but not sure what I want to get!

marmee said...

ca girl,
i used a canon, telephoto lens for these shots. i have different cameras and lenses. i am always experimenting with what i like best. i am glad you liked the images. i loved taking them. hope you get a great lens at christmas.