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it's that time of year

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Friday, November 7, 2008

his and hers

i have had just a wee bit of time for birding in the last couple of weeks. but i found this extraordinary gentleman on my open feeder yesterday.

i am supposing this is his lady friend keeping a close watch from the branches.

local neighbours were taking advantage of the sunny warmer temps(before the really cold weather approaching gets here).

they were thinking bathing was a good idea.
bluebird is patiently waiting for a turn in the bath.

happy sunny days and weekend to you all!


Roses and Lilacs said...

I love looking at photos of birds going about their daily lives. How lucky to get cardinals at your feeder.

tina said...

You too Marmee! Very nice pics.

Meems @HoeandShovel said...

Very nice photos of some of the birds enjoying the food and baths you've provided for them. I heard and saw lots of birds in your trees when I was visiting. Some I recognized and some I didn't... but there were lots! I think they absolutey love the surroundings there... it is very conducive for all their activities.

Hope you don't get too cold up yonder.

flydragon said...

Great photos of your feathered friends. Is that a mockingbird on the birdbath?

Susie said...

Aren't those redbirds sweet? They are the cutest little things. We get a few of them through our yard. I could just watch them for hours.

Wendy said...

Nice pics. I love the birds. I also have a bluebird house, but no bluebirds.....yet!
Have a good weekend you too!

marmee said...

i love watching the birds do their bird things too. cardinals are so bright and pretty. thx marnie!

marmee said...

thx tina!

marmee said...

yes i do a fair amount of bird watching that was one of first things dave and i started doing putting up feeders and watering stations. we love doing that and trying to identify them.
this is a great place for the birds to want to be. so many places for them to find shelter.
the temps are dropping but we haven't had as much rain as they were thinking we would have.
it should be a chilly morning at the farmer's market. i am not going cause i have two ballet practises to go to with abs.

marmee said...

that is a mockingbird, just getting ready to jump in. thx!

marmee said...

they are great fun to watch. we had for over a year pecking at our den window, he was not so cute. we did everything we knew to stop him. finally he moved on, whew.

marmee said...

we have had a few families of bluebirds born in that house. it is right off my kitchen window so i am able to watch them often.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Love the Cardinals--and of course the bluebirds, Marmee. Recently, a Cardinal was leisurely bathing in the birdbath when a Mourning Dove flew and just sat on the edge waiting his turn. The Cardinal took his time--but when he finally left, the Mourning Dove jumped in. Soon--a female Mourning Dove joined him and they played "hanky panky" that day!!!!! ha

DP Nguyen said...

What a beautiful photo essay of the fun lives of birds!

marmee said...

that is funny. if we only knew.
thanks for coming by.
birds are so fascinating!

marmee said...

thank you it is alot of fun to watch the birds.

Anna said...

OH my!! You are Meems sister!! I have heard some wonderful things about you while visiting Meem's site. You have a beautiful home and have a nice view. I like the cardinals too--we get lots down here in NC.

I enjoyed visiting your blog.

smileykylie said...

Thanks so much for popping by our blog and entering the bag giveaway, good luck! You have a beautiful blog, all the autumn tones are my favorite, it's spring here at the moment so it was lovely to soak it all in! :)Kylie

Darla said...

You captured those birds well. Reminds me of spring, not fall.

SweetAnnee said... are a kindred spirit for sure
I'm adding you as a friend on my Nestle blog

Cheryl said...

Cardinals are such delightful birds....we do not have them here.....I love to see them.......
Bath in this weather bbrrrrr glad I am not a bird!

Gail said...


Hello...The birds look happy to live on your property....a very nice community with swimming, restaurants and apartments! I have a very similar open feeder, it may even be from the same sweet couple at the Farmer's Market! Have a delicious day in our sunshine!


Brenda@View From The Pines said...

Oh, how I try every day with my camera to get a good shot of one of the birds. By the time I get close enough, they're gone. They hear the dogs with me and flap away. But I'll keep trying. Thanks for the entertainment!

marmee said...

thank you for coming by, you are welcome at "things i love" anytime.
i am glad you think of my home as beautiful. i love watching the birds here.

marmee said...

s kylie,
i did enjoy your blog and will be looking for the winner on your blog. good luck to all.
i am glad you liked my blog come back anytime.

marmee said...

i think the birds are enjoying the warmer weather. thanks darla!

marmee said...

what a kind thing to say. i am glad that you will be coming by to visit.

marmee said...

the cardinal seems all the brighter against the blue feeder and the sun light shining on him.
it is turning cooler here too.

marmee said...

i do think the birds are happy at this place. i did get my open feeder from that couple at farmer's market.

marmee said...

i was also having trouble getting them. i have three dogs, many children and two cats. but it was such a lovely day i just kept waiting on them to get a photo.
thanks for coming by.

Sue said...

I enjoyed looking at your bird photos. We used to feed the birds in the winter, but haven't lately. We just got some seeds that we need to get out there. Do you feed in all seasons?

Q said...

Dear Marmee,
Now that the leaves are off the trees it is easier for me to see my bird friends too!
I love the Cardinals. I think if I was to be a bird I would want to be the female Cardinal. I think she is beautiful!
Happy birding in your backyard!

marmee said...

we are avid bird watchers and feeders, we do feed in all seasons. we just love having them around here to eat our bugs, watch them play and give them shelter.

marmee said...

we are in the most vivid part of our leaves changing so we have plenty of trees with brightly coloured leaves. there are many on the ground too like coloured grass.
i two love the female with her tips of red. i don't know if i could chose what kind of bird i'd be, but you have got me thinking.
happy sunday!