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it's that time of year

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Sunday, November 9, 2008

novembre le marche'

apples always signify autumn to me.
they are beautiful.

the market was certainly embracing the cooler weather.
yes, that is meems, checking out the local cottage industries.
this is one made up of two young teen homeschoolers weaving their own

meems and i agreed that this is the essence of what
home schooled children should be.
entrepreneurs and innovative.
meems has her camera ever-ready.

i love this cornucopia with all the squashes and gourds falling out.

there are always interesting characters at the market.
they guys were having fun singing their folk music.

i couldn't pass up on the purple okra.
i cooked them with heirloom tomatoes and onion.

indian corn was available for a harvest feel.

apples were glowing in the sunshine by the basketful.

another cottage market industry was offering these handmade scarfs.

have a wonderful autumn weekend!


joey said...

A fun adventure, lovely photos, and a beautiful sister to share the perfect autumn day.

Cheryl said...

Lovely colourful post full of local produce......I love farmers markets....we have one in our village every month....

May I ask how do you cook your purple okra.....I have only used it twice in curries......I would be interested to know......

Darla said...

Just lovely! Love markets like that. Homeschooling is GREAT! I homeschooled my two oldest ones for four years, we had a blast and I possibly learned more than they did!

garden girl said...

Hi Marmee, looks like a hopping place with lots of fun, practical, and yummy stuff to choose.

Farmers markets are great, and its so nice to see them popping up all over the country.

What a nice way to spend time with your sister!

marmee said...

joey, my friend, it was an autumn day to be remembered with my sis.
i am already remincing! thank you.

marmee said...

good evening cheryl, i really love our local farmer's and supporting them helps our economy. plus the food is so fresh. it's the best of both worlds.

i fix okra lots of ways but this time i sauted onions in organic butter until clear. then cut up heirloom pineapple and red tomatoes allowing them to stew. added some season salt and pepper and a pinch of raw sugar.
after 15/20 minutes added the okra and let cook until tender. it was delicious.
how do you cook okra?

marmee said...

we have fallen hard for our market. the kids come sometimes and our big brown chesapeake bay retriever goes every saturday. he knows when dh gets the lease and our bags, it's time for market. the local farmer are wonderful source for information too.
we are homeschooling our youngest son, 16 year old, jesse. i would like for him to find a little

marmee said...

garden girl,
yes we are thrilled our market is so close to us and the locals have supported it well. we get alot of local venders selling their wares which is always fun and unique.

meems and i have a wonderful time talking, laughing, taking photos.

Brenda@View From The Pines said...

I've had a wonderful autumn weekend. The leaves in Texas are beautiful. The air is brisk and cool. The roses are still blooming. Nature is abundant. All is good.

Susie said...

Love markets like that! That purple okra was a beauty. I have never eaten it though. So is it as good as the green?

Meems @HoeandShovel said...

Hey Marmee! Well, there we are again. Oh no, that's just ME in the PHOTOS! Yikes.

Going to the Farmer's Market was certainly a highlight for me. All those fresh veggies for the picking got me so inspired. I came home and have been searching high and low on the Internet for a resource around here.

The purple okra was delish as was all the fruit and tomatoes. I will definitely grow some next spring. I've also been on a sweet potato kick since I've been home.

Any word yet on the knitted items you (and I) ordered?

marmee said...

we have had the most wonderful week here with the leaves being at there most vivid. fall is amazing.

marmee said...

susie, it is just as good, the best part is that it is so fresh.
the market is great and close.

marmee said...

good evening,
yes i couldn't resist it all those fresh coloured veggies and fruit.
plus you were in it. hehe.

it is coming to a close at the end of november.

have you found any good resources?
i am going to grow okra for sure.

the girl from the f/market has called and left me a message. i am going to call her back tomorrow.

beckie said...

Marmee, apples do the same thing for me! We only have a framers market for a few short summer months. But when we would go to Florida in the winter, I could always find one wiyh fresh veggies. Loved that. That purle okra is pretty enough to frame.

Roses and Lilacs said...

I enjoyed seeing the market. I want one of those scarves;) Hope I can find one around here. Those baskets would be great for carrying home your produce.

Kanak Hagjer said...

What a great place to spend time especially with one's sister! Lovely photos, as usual!

marmee said...

thank you, i love looking at the okra and eating it. our farmer's market is going to close at the end of november. i will miss it very much.

marmee said...

my sister and i got some interesting things that day. i brought a sweater baby doll top for my abbey and a scarf with the eiffel tower handsewn on it. they just keep getting better all the time.

marmee said...

it was the perfect weather day too. cool and crisp with the sun shinning. meems and i had such a lovely visit.

Sue said...

I really enjoyed looking at the photos of your Farmers' Market. It looks like a very nice one! Even though I grow vegetables, I still go to our Saturday Farmers' Market almost every week. It starts the first Saturday of May, and ends the second week of October. My husband usually only goes during asparagus season, but this year, he went pretty much every time I did. That was fun, as he would get certain items, and I would get the rest. We would then get granitas at a locally owned coffee shop called The Mill. I said their name, because they sell from a website. Am I allowed to say that? I just think they have good coffee. Anyway, we then sat down on the deck at our picnic table and enjoyed our granitas with some muffins purchased at the market. So far, we have decided to go to the Mill anyway, and sit inside. I better end this comment! It's getting too long!

Great photos and memories for you!

marmee said...

thank you. isn't it great having a farmer's market nearby?!
we grew our own veggies this summer but still went to market too. we just love going and meeting the local venders and farmers.