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it's that time of year

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

i am grateful

this year i am three times as thankful, grateful!

# 1 is because i am here and healthy!

life is a gift and i am grateful to have this gift.

# 2 a wonderful baby, now a woman was born 30 years ago on november 27th. happy birthday, my precious rachel!

#3 on the same day, november 27th, 17 years ago a terrific baby, now a young man was born.

happy birthday my sweet, jesse.

i love you both so much. you are both so individual and i am proud of and delighted to have you as my children, my gifts.
happy thanksgiving birthday's. my hope is that you each feel as special as you are on this national day of thanksgiving.


Unknown said...

You are an awesome Mom. Thankful should be our attitude year round. Beautiful post.

Brenda Pruitt said...

I had my first daughter on Thanksgiving Day 1974. I was 17. I had my second and last child, a daughter, on Nov. 14, 1978. Both were due on Nov. 20! Coincidence???

Susie said...

Marmee that is so sweet. Two children with the same birthday now neat is that! This was a wonderful post and I enjoyed it much!!

November 27th is indeed a special day. My sister was born on that day as well.

Love your new header!

marmee said...

thank you for your kindness. i am trying to live in a state of gratitude.

marmee said...

how very fun november must be around your house, birthdays and holidays. enjoy!

marmee said...

thank you! sweet i am not but oh so sentimental. when jesse was born rachel cut the cord and they are forever bound in unity.
well you will have extra celebratiions going on this thanksgiving too. h/b to your sis.
i am glad you like the new header.

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Marmee, you have two handsome/gorgeous children. What a nice way to honor them!!!! AND--Happy Thanksgiving to you too. Yes, we do have so much to be thankful for.

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday to two wonderful children. You have a lot to be grateful for. November is birthday month at our house too. My daughter was 34 today!
I am truly grateful too.
Happy Thanksgiving.

marmee said...

thank you betsy, they are two of six. she is the oldest and the youngest is 9. i am the eternal mother and now grandmother too. they are beautiful to me, too. happy thanksgiving and holidays to you.

marmee said...


happy birthday to your daughter. it is always good to reflect on the things that are going right and so many blessings that are all around us.
happy thanksgiving to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

A beautiful post. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to 2 beautiful people. May they have many more.
That was my DH's birthday & our ann. I see this yr. all 3 celebrations from my family will be on that special day. Sadly I share alone. The 18th was my girl's special date.
Do you have to beat the girls off with a stick?

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention,---I looove your new header.

marmee said...

jesse is rather shy so i am not having to do that just yet. but i have two older boys, very handsome that i have to watch out for. happy thanksgiving to you! i hope you will be filled with wonderful memories of your special ones and have an excellent day despite being alone.
i am glad you like the new header, it is soooo colourful, isn't it.

Corner Gardener Sue said...

I love those smiles! Tell them Happy Birthday from one of your fellow bloggers!

marmee said...

thank you sue i will.

Cheryl said...

Your post brought tears to my are a good and wonderful and your children are blessed to have each other.......

And the same birth date, how unique and so very special.......

marmee said...


thank you for most kind words. life is full of ups and downs but love remains.
it is the truth in these times.
having these two on the same day made a lifetime connection between them that goes deep. it is and was a precious thing.

Michelle said...

How amazing to have the same birthday. How precious our children are. What a lovely post to see and I love the photo of the tractor - it is soo cute.

marmee said...

michelle, i am glad you made it over here. i count your mum my friend and i love all your creativeness. it is pretty cool they have the same bday, my husband and one of our sons has a bday 1 day apart, i wish they had the same day.
i loved that tractor too. it looked like it was smiling at me.

joey said...

Marmee ~ from across the miles, my heart stands with you (my youngest son 'Muscrat Love' born Nov 1 is 10-11 years younger than siblings ... and me, born Nov 13 eons ago). We are blessed for sure, knowing the greatest gifts surround us! November, with its golden hues (and now I know why you love), rules! Happy Thanksgiving.

marmee said...

joey, somehow you get me and for that i am grateful. happiest of birthday to you and your "muscrat love".
they would hate me telling but jesse is "scooter" and rachel is "olive oil" like in popeye. dh gives everyone nicknames. hope your thanksgiving this year is the best one so far.

Meems said...

oooo, so much to say here... I heart the new background- very lovely choice. I double heart the new indian... he is too handsome. And the turkey (and header)! Very coolio.

BUT... those youngins', oh my, both of them beautiful beings-- inside and out.

I remember oh, so, well the day our precious Rachel was born and the joy she brought to all of us in her tiny little premature body. She has grown into a beautiful woman and I love her deeply. And then there was that second November 27 guy with his ginormous blue eyes and the sweetest nature a child could have. And just look at the cuteness of him now!

You are blessed, Marmee. Six beautiful and talented children. I know you are busy getting everything JUST RIGHT for your big Thanksgiving day to enjoy with the whole fam.

This was a beautiful "grateful" post. I am grateful for YOU!

marmee said...

thanks meems, your vote of confidence always makes me feel better, you being the big sis thing.
i have had a relaxing weekend for the most part and spent sometime playing around with colours. i am never satisfied and am always looking to change it.
can you believe my oldest baby is going to be thirty. it feels a little hard to swallow. i clearing remember dad turning 40 and you turning 30. now my little girl it 30.
i am a blessed mother and these two have been part of what has made it so. both wonderful people and children. we will be doing much celebrating on thanksgiving day.
today it warmed up slightly so i was out in the yard pretty much till it got dark and the temps starting dropping. got some things trimmed up and rearranged some other stuff. dh is supposed to be hanging christmas lights tomw if it stays mild. i have been asking for months knowing it would come down to this. i want to be able to turn them on the day after thanksgiving. we shall see, i am also going to be staying in an attitude of gratefulness.

Q said...

Dear Marmee,
The attitude of gratitude is a lovely spot to be in. It becomes a habit too. Living in grace is living in thankfulness.
Happy birthday to your two beautiful children. They look happy and healthy...the gifts Mothers love to receive.
As you and yours gather together may you receive showers of blessings.
Thank you for your kindness.
Happy Thanksgiving,

Roses and Lilacs said...

Amazing they have the same birthday;)

You are indeed blessed.

marmee said...

dear sherry,
i seem to fall in and out of good habits. sometimes they seem to be a real part of me and then bang something triggers an old not so nice nature of mine. i am still working on it all. thank God he is patient with me.
these two children are a true blessing in my life as they all are in very different ways. i am happy to be celebrating their big day along with thanksgiving, it seems appropriate.
have a wonderful holiday week too!

marmee said...

i hope you and your family enjoys a wonderful thanksgiving week.
i do feel truly blessed in every area of my life. i think it is fun to share that with all.

Anonymous said...

so very thankful for your blog too! two of my wonderful grands having a birthday this week, along with my other daughter Meems on 11/28, makes it an unforgetable Thanksgiving. my own sis celebrated last Friday, another grandson, Jonathan on 11/18 and a daughter-in-law Lisa also on 11/28, along with Rachel's hubby Eric on 11/8, and my November calendar is crowded with reminder dates. with a big family comes a lot of special days.

to Rachel, my special, beautiful granddaughter - your birth changed my life radically and i've never been the same since. if nothing else, God's plan for your life was to allow us to be your family and be blessed with you being a part of who we are in His purposes that continue to this day. your grace, beauty, and loving-kindness are precious to me and every one who is fortunate to have you as part of their life. i love you so much! Happy Birthday!

to Jesse - you are such a unique and wonderful individual! you have deep rivers within you, some you have yet to discover. no one else on earth can match or duplicate your giftings, which you will continue to become aware of as you mature and become a man. believe in yourself, have faith in God, and you will see His plan and purpose unfold in the days and years to come! Happy Birthday, with my love!

a very Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at your house! wish we could spend part of the holiday together!

Sandy said...

Yes, we have so much to be thankful for. Fun vising you!

marmee said...

thanks for coming to visit things i love. you are most welcome here. i have just been visiting your blog. i love it. happy thanksgiving.

marmee said...

your so sweet and your birthday list is long and what a true blessing to have all those people in your life to love. i am not sure the kids will read this but i will have to let them know what precious things you have said about them and to them.
we love you and wish you a wonderful happy thanksgiving day, only wish you were here to celebrate with our brood.

marmee said...

ps gigi,
if you get a chance check out "sandy" on my comments she makes entertaining easy and a blessing.