it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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finding beauty in the natural things around us makes for one happy self and a lovely life. ~marmee

dash home farm, leiper's fork, tennessee

Thursday, November 20, 2008


as we leave on this crisp autumn day all is well,
with pumpkins stacked neatly outside the front door.
the leaves have all fallen creating a path
of colour and wonder on life's painted floor.

orange mums need deadheading, alas that can wait.
our stomachs are growling, " TO THE LOVELESS CAFE' "
they're famous for biscuits and jellies homemade.
what a great way to start such a beautiful day.

benches for seats while your table is set
the windows are dressed, a nouveau savoir faire?
with careless abandon the aprons are hung
famous and common mix with nary a care .

pause for a picture as we head out the door
our bellies are full , of that we are glad.
the tractor is smiling as we take our leave
dh and mr. phil a grand visit have had.

a kind thank you to dh for helping me with the rhyming!


joey said...

A delightful post, Marmee ... I want to go there too!

Anonymous said...

i checked all three reactions - is that okay? i also want to add delightful! it is fun to go along on your little day to day adventures! isn't that what makes life so individual for us? to find the pleasures and shared times that blend us as friends, family and community is one of our most prized liberties. i remember the "loveless cafe" when we made our visit there. a local antique of a place where the greats and the near greats meet and eat! one menu and same price for all. gotta love it!
ps - the poetry really made the post - thanks dh.

Unknown said...

What a charming littl place, and you describe it all so beatuifully! Great tractor too.

Cheryl said...

Hi Marmee......Mr P and I have travelled around America many times now....we love your country......
this post reminded me of all the little stops me make when we fly drive.......
Your cafe's have such a wonderful atmosphere and welcome......

A charming post.......

tina said...

Love the painted floor. You are so creative Marmee! I bet those biscuits were good.

marmee said...

thanks joey, come anytime just let me know so we can meet there.

marmee said...

hello gigi,

glad you could come along, did you like the biscuits, they are way different than yours. hope all is well. i am happy you got to have the experience of the "loveless." an experience is what it is.
i will tell dh you liked his help on the poetry end.
for some reason i had "twas the night before christmas" in my head.

marmee said...

i know i love that old tractor. they have old things laying around here and there. thanks for coming along.

marmee said...

thank you cheryl... if you ever find yourself coming to tn in the usa...we should meet up at the loveless cafe'. it is an unique place to visit. i am glad you love our country it is a wonderful place to live.
i very much admire your country have only been once but i had a wonderful time and want to go back some day.
i love the fact we can see each other's gardens and life thru blogging.

marmee said...

tina, thanks for your kind compliments. i live for creative moments.
the biscuits are good but i can never eat them and eat the meal.
also my mom, gigi makes the best biscuits ever and are really diffferent from the cafe's.

Susie said...

Homemade biscuits and jelly!?!?! Yummy! Love those little mom/pop cafes. You know the food is always going to be good at one of those.

Enjoyed the poem Marmee. Very cute!

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Love your poetry, Marmee.. The little cafe sounds intriguing also.. GREAT post. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

OMW. I love those kind of places. So informal you just want to sit forever. Sounds like heavenly food too.
I read the poetry with the same tune as you. How cool is that!! I too thank dh for the help.

Anonymous said...

I got so carried away with the "loveless cafe'" I forgot to tell you how interesting your plants in the basket are. What kind of plants do you have in those. What an ingenious idea. LOVE IT.

Anonymous said...

my mom, your departed grandma, used to make biscuits like the ones pictured. so i did too, when i first started cooking. blend the dough, then pat/roll it out smooth, and cut with a biscuit cutter or a small glass. but my mother-in-law, your dad's mom, showed me how to just pat them into shape right in your hand, and i've made them that way ever since. tonight, i actually made some drop biscuits - you just drop a spoonful of dough on the pan, shape it with a spoon, and bake. we had some cuban 'kitchen soup' (you remember - navy beans, collards, potatoes, and chorizos - mmm!) with those hot biscuits & honey! very nice on a cool night!

Rose said...

A lovely rhyme, Marmee; looks like a great way to begin the day.

I love homemade biscuits!

Gail said...

We love Loveless, too! Marmee, have you visited the shops? Lot of lovely jewelry and art. Have a delicious weekend!


Roses and Lilacs said...

Are they related to Patty Loveless?

In any case, I'll bet you get great meals there.

Meems said...

Marmee, a delightful post and rhyming text. We missed the loveless but next time hopefully. You just can't do everything in 4 days.

You got the pumpkin planter done! It looks fabulous. The leaves on the ground are so autumnal feeling, too. Good stuff for the compost pile.

marmee said...

susie so glad you enjoyed the poetry, i tried it on my own and then enlisted the help of darling hubby to help round it out a bit.
we do enjoy eating there but for some reason always save it for when we have guests, we just need to go ourselves, too.

marmee said...


love your name! the cafe' is definitely a nashville must. it is like a museum of the greats of country and gospel, plus the food is southern goodness. i am happy you liked seeing it.

marmee said...

i always love it when you come around. the loveless is something everyone should experience. i have an even more hole in the wall place i love and we do eat there more often, DOTSON's. it is the quintessential country cooking you must have. when i do take guest there they look at me a little funny upon driving up but once the food has graced the lips i just tuck that first glance away and count it as uninformed. lol

those baskets are terra cotta, they are so heavy i have to have help moving them unless i want my back hurting. they have swiss chard, some leggy pansies, stock, mums, and a ground cover called bugle weed, "chocolate chip". i did so a post on it (sept 6, i hate name dropping) if you want to see when they all were looking quite good before the frosts we have had.

marmee said...

oh i long for a good homecooked meal i don't have to make, from you gigi. the cuban kitchen soup sounds right up my alley. i always forget to make certain things like that that seem so simple and yet highly satisfying. that's why you must make a recipe book!!!! that isn't a request, lol. i have never been able to make the biscuits like yours or anybody elses good versions. it seems a dying art. i just don't now. i will look forward to the next time i can have yours.

marmee said...

rose, i am right there with you on a great beginning of the day and the biscuits are always fresh.

marmee said...

gail, we did go around to the shops this time, very interesting stuff. we should meet there sometime to eat together. my weekend has started off leisurely reading and now blogging alittle by the fire of course.

marmee said...


don't think so but you never know. they have been around forever, though and quite the reputation.
it is a southern adventure.

marmee said...


we will put the loveless at the top of the list for the next visit. we get to take the natchez trace to their doorstep too. more opportunity for photos.
yes, i was inspired to do the pumpkins right away and then of course rearrange all the outdoor stuff for thanksgiving. i added a hugh indian (2 ft.) that used to sit in david's room on a shelf. i have a wooden carved turkey that is now sitting by the road on hay bales surrounded by apple gourds pumpkins, and corn stalks.
have a grand week at your getaway!

Anonymous said...

OMW. I thought they were the real thing. They look so real. I was all ready to run out & get some like that at the big box store. lol
How do you fix Swiss Chard. I have some growing {never done that before}. Just wanted to try it for a change.
Glad you are happy that I come around---I always read but don't comment sometime.

Wendy said...

I loved the aprons hanging on the windows! Cute! Delightful post. Can I have a cookie?? Please???

marmee said...

those baskets are staying put wherever you do them. haha.
i have only put the swiss chard in salads so far.they are a beautiful plant.
well regardless of whether you leave a comment or not you are most welcome here. have a great weekend.

marmee said...


i think the aprons flung in the windows are adorable, too.
did you think that the biscuits were cookies? but since you asked so nicely yes you may have a cookie, i love the gingerman from pepperidge farm. they are the best.

Q said...

Dear Marmee,
That was fun!
The pumpkins look lovely and I enjoyed reading about your Thanksgiving decorations, the 2' Indian sounds very cool.
I am hungry now!

Meems said...

marmee: Add biscuit lessons to our agenda for next trip. I make them like Grandma did... the pat in your hand until formed and bake... although I have done them like your photo from Loveless also. Forming them yourself seems so much more southern to me for some reason (if that matters). Okay back to packing for the beach.

marmee said...

"packing for the beach" sounds wonderful. it is 28 degrees this morning. it does make it feel more like the holidays but who feels like going outside, so here i sit in my sunroom(thankfully the sun is shining) watching all the wildlife outdoors and blogging. something is terribly wrong with this picture. it is supposed to be that i am outside creating a life so i have something to be blogggin about next.

teaching me at 40 something to make biscuits sounds about right. i would love to learn. well think of a few more things and we will have our next trip planned out.

marmee said...

thanks i saw this pumpkin idea on a very swanky shop we have in leiper's fork on halloween night and came home and tried it. the pumpkins are polished with french wax. i am happy with the way it turned out. maybe i will post some pics of my indian and turkey.
i think i am hungry now, it is contagious.