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it's that time of year

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

all finished

jesse kenan marshal green
graduate of the class of 2009
heritage covenant high school
valedictorian of his class
jesse had to make a speech...he is terrified of public would have never guessed.

excellent delivery of some powerful words.
dad and jesse worked on the speech together.
just a few quotes:
"there are a few people that i need to thank for helping me get to this point in life. of course my mom and dad, sisters and brothers... "
"but this is not just about me, it is about us! it is our responsibility
to take what we know and further our education. then, eventually, unleash ourselves on the
working world."
"so we will press on! not with fear and trepidation but with hope and determination and maybe just a little perspiration!"

"we have advantages many of our peers do not have! we never have to face anything alone. for we know that the Holy Spirit is always with us as are the love and prayers of all who we call family and friends!"
"carpe diem! seize the day! go class of 2009."

watching jesse pass throught this momentous occasion was inspiring.
he is a young man whose character is something to be proud of.
the tassel has moved over to the other you will have new adventures.
sweet friends we have known forever...britanni, jesse, and victoria.
we are proud of all of you...for a job well done.


Faith said...



lola said...

Congratulations, Jesse.
May your new life have all the marvels of the universe. Go for it all.

marmee said...

thank you faith!
thanks for visiting "things i love"
you are most welcomed here.

marmee said...


thanks i will pass that on to jesse...i say amen!

tina said...

Congratulations to Jesse!! Oh my you must be SO proud! Best of luck in the future to all the grads!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Congrats, Jesse.. What an achievement.. And the speech must have been incredible.

I know you are proud of him, Marmee. He's also a very handsome young man.

Congrats again.

Cheryl said...

Such a beautiful moment Marmee.....I bet your eyes filled with tears as you watched your son, how proud you must have been.

I am very close to my son....and like you so proud of him. He is a good and kind young man.....he gives willingly and works hard...

Congratulations to Jesse......may the future be bright and all his dreams come true........

Susie said...

Congrats to him Marmee! Valedictorian huh? So impressive! Loved his speech. You/dad did a great job raising him.

Lisa said...

Congratulations Jesse!!! You have a bright future. I know your momma is proud of you.

Lisa Q

Darla said...

I can just feel the joy in my heart for your family! Great quotes from his speech...Congrats again Jesse and what a nice looking young man you are!!!

SweetAnnee said...

congrats, congrats, and to be valedictorian



marmee said...


i was so proud and so nervous for him to give the speech(not his type of thing) but he did wonderfully and held his own.

marmee said...


so very proud, i probable looked like a puffed up mother
it is my priviledge to have jesse as a thoughtful, caring son...and very smart too.

marmee said...


i will be sure to show jesse all the wonderful comments and congrats. thank you for your sensing what type of boy i have...good to the core. he has been a pleasure to have around all these years and i can't wait to see what he does with his mind, heart and soul.

marmee said...


i was just as impressed as you were...he was not doing well in public school at all. i am so glad his dad and i felt the nudge to finish him at home. he really thrived being able to set his own pace and not being around all the "stuff" high school has.
his dad plays such a vital role in his life and such a good role model...i am so grateful for that.

marmee said...


like i told betsy...i probably looked like a mother hen all puffed up...but i was so nervous too. he absolutely does not like public speaking but he did so well. it was captivating, funny, and well spoken...whew!
thank you.

marmee said...


it is nice to be able to share that joy with you and i appreciate you joining in. you know from all of your children...when they accomplish...we accomplish. that is the greatest feeling.
his speech was the highlight of the graduation for me, of course.
i think i held my breath the entire time.
he is as sweet as he is handsome too darla...which is so nice.

marmee said...


thank you...i know i was so happy for his accomplishment.