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it's that time of year

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

my mother's day

thank you my wonderful family for such a lovingly thought out day
to! you all are just wonderful.

i have a favourite bagel place i like to go...brueggers.
so today my family made me an everything bagel with turkey bacon, egg and cheddar.
fresh squeezed orange juice and coffee. yummy it was so good...and at home.

i love to sit on my porch and swing or time was made for that.
as gardeners you know one of the things we like best is being in the
today jesse and i planted a flat of and white.
i haven't planted these since being in tennessee but i do really love them.
my climbing roses are making a show on the front arbor.
one of the most exciting things was planting my magnolia...been
waiting a while to plant it because of all the work in the
vegetable, wildflower gardens...but jesse and abbey knew this would make me happy.

so in the ground they dug and finally my first magnolia in
the ground here at dash home farm...i am complete.
last but not least after spending the day mostly outdoors...
they are making me a wonderful dinner...lamb chops, fresh field greens, and garlic potatoes.
so off i go to eat dinner with my fabulous family...
oh they got me a wonderful summer purse too.
you all are the best.
i love you my family!


Meems said...

Mother's Day can come with lots of pressure for our offspring trying their best to get it just right. Sounds like yours was a perfect hit. I know you liked getting outside after all the rain you've had. Planting the magnolia on Mother's Day it will forever mark the day for you as a gift of something planted. The purse is a sure thing... too cute for summer! You deserve a Happy Mother's Day and I'm so tickled for you that you indeed were happy!

Roses and Lilacs said...

Sounds like the family went all out to make you feel special. Loved the magnolia, that is a great idea. Maybe it will become a tradition--marking mother's days with the planting of favorite things.

Esther said...


I am so glad you had a great day, you definately deserve it!! I only wish I could have been there to share it with you. I love you so much. You are an amazing example of a mother who lays down her life for her children. I strive everyday to follow your lead as I raise my own daughter. Your love for God and family shines brightly in everything you do. I love you mom.

marmee said...

planting that magnolia was the best present i could've asked for and then it just went on...dh had a big hand in the planning and i am grateful. i do love that the magnolia will be a forever mark of my children's love and their willingness to please me. sweet thoughts.
glad we got out is quite cool today.
your day looks as if it were special with your family too.
sometimes it's hard to believe we are at this stage in life. but i am enjoying it.
love and hugs

marmee said...

i love the idea of making planting something on mother's day a tradition...great idea marnie.
i know i will always look at that magnolia and think about the love that went into planting little girl barely able to push in the shovel and her older brother showing her the best way to jump on the wonderful.
my family made my day very special...they knew i just wanted to stay at home and be together.

marmee said...


as you well know now being a mother of your beautiful/sweet would do anything to make your children feel loved. i am glad i chose to do it with the help of God.
thank you for your most sweet and kind words of encouragement.
you are a lovely mother with such a passion to get it is very obvious you love your family and would do anything for that little girl...she is precious.
i love you and would have loved having you here for our special day.maybe we should plan a mother's day when we can all be together...i would love that.

tina said...

So glad you had a great Mother's Day Marmee. Ymmmm, that bagel looks really good.

Darla said...

What a wonderful day!!

SweetAnnee said...

Oh my..your family sure is generous.. I had a great Mother's Day too.

Glad you had a good day

smiles, Deena

marmee said...

thank you tina, i hope you had a wonderful mother's day too.

marmee said...
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marmee said...

thanks, my family was most generous this mother's day. i am glad you had a good day too.
happy may to you!

marmee said...

i hope you had a good mother's day...with your brood.

joey said...

Looks like your day was as special as you are, dear Marmee. Mine was also. My grandboys gave me a flowering lilac knowing I miss (and their father) old ones yanked years ago. We're certainly blessed!

inadvertent farmer said...

Very cool purse! I love magnolias, the bicolored leaves alway get me, I hope it does well for you. It sounds like you had just about the perfect mother's day! Kim

marmee said...


we are a couple of blessed moms and grandmoms! it is so nice to have loved ones around to treat us like queens...i am always so grateful to have this wonderful life i am living.
i am happy that your day was special too. i know you will enjoy planting and seeing your lilacs grow thru the years/always remembering who gave them to you.

marmee said...


my day was as perfect as it could get. i hope you had a wonderful day too. isn't that purse great...i love it. i wore it last night for the first time and loved it. magnolias might just be my favourite tree...i love when they blossom. i love the dark leafy green on the topside and the brown suede like bottom of the leaf. i planted a bunch at our other home and they are doing very well.
thanks for coming round to "things i love"...i always enjoy your blog.