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it's that time of year

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

bee skep




sunflower/summer of 2008
yellow zinnia/summer 2008
vintage french poster of flowers
everyone loves flowers...they attract bees.
below is a picture of susan branches garden in martha's vineyard.
it does remind me of our little fenced in areas here at dash home farm.
she has these wonderful bee skeps for sale at her website.
click on the picture below to go and see if you want one of these for your
garden...i am thinking i want one in mine.

happy may gardening!


ShySongbird said...

What lovely photos of such beautiful and colourful flowers.

Gail said...

Hi Marmee...I love the bee skep. It's perfect for your garden. I have to have one! gail

lola said...

Maybe I need to get one of those. Does it hold bees? I haven't any bees to pollinate my veggies.

Lisa said...

Just beautiful!!!!

Lisa Q

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Marmee, I love all of your flowers (especially the Columbine). Your little fenced in garden is so cute. Can't wait to see what grows!!!!


Meems said...

Hey Marmee,
And me thinks if you want one it might already be(e) on its way???? It would make a lovely and perfect addition to your potager. Gardens are perfect for a little whimsy added and you have plenty of room in yours for such things.
hugs, Meems

marmee said...

thank you very much

marmee said...


i was sure my gardening friends would love this so hope you do bring one home.

marmee said...


i am thinking it is more decorative than functional but you could pose the question to the website and see what they say.

marmee said...


so glad you like it.

marmee said...

the garden is doing well with all our rain so i will be updating soon. been too busy with graduation to do much else.

marmee said...


i haven't actually ordered this cute bee skep...still thinking about it...but i thought my gardening buddies would like to see them in case they were interested.

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Hi Marmee, I love your photos and Susan Branch's garden is one of my favorites. Ah, if we could all have a bee skep, wouldn't life be grand? I hope you get one.~~Dee

marmee said...


yes i agree everyone should have a bee skep. i have seen clay ones too. i am glad you enjoy the photos...i have liked susan branch for a long time...i started years ago with her scrapbooks.