it's that time of year

it's that time of year

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dash home farm, leiper's fork, tennessee

Friday, May 8, 2009

thank God i'm a country girl

the chives enchant me...and the edible blooms are spicey

pentunias are glowing

zinnias are popping up

nasturium seedling...very cool

with some left over wood daddio decided to make abbey her own

little raised sweet and so cute...

she got to choose what was going in

deep purple salvia

vining petite pentunia along with purple and white petunias

there are little seats on her bed...she sat on them and

planted her flowers

life galore is awakening here at dash home farm.

~click to see tiny flying insects~

rhododendron flowering

dry creek bed still has water in it

there are lots of fungi showing up because of all the dampness

pansies still putting on a show

another sitting venue

on the patio

chairs overlooking wildflower garden...great resting spot


handsome fellow

our first butterfly sighting

beetle haven

fungus sconce

mesclun mix/lettuce showing forth

new peony planted from bare root

wildflowers are surrounding the property lines...

last year i didn't notice them...

wild honeysuckle is amongst them

clematis finally emerging from last year...hoping for blooms this year

we spotted a meadow lark ...we think

there he goes...

buster and beatrice...always watching us garden

daddio and abbey doing some tractoring

growing bea

pouncing abbey...

after school

letting go and unwinding

with all the planting the boys wanted to get in on the fun...

so daddio built them two raised beds out in the field of plowed earth...

they wanted their own tomatoes, broccoli, herbs, peppers, cucumbers,

and of course companion flowers.

i was so proud of them as they shopped for their own

plants at the nursery...carefully choosing what suited them...

i believe that gardening fever might be running rampant around here

life on the farm is kinda laid back...thank God i'm a country girl


Gail said...

Marmee, Hello country girl! A wonderful post...wildflowers, raised beds and family! Oops! I forgot the sweet puppies. You are having a fantastic spring in Leiper's Fork! Thank you for sharing...I love that the whole family is into gardening! maybe I'll see you at the Market tomorrow morning!


Susie said...

I enjoyed my time on the farm with you guys. How nice for Abbey and the boys to have their own gardens. I think that's great.

You know I figured by now Beatrice would be very big but she isn't there yet is she. She is still cute though.

I hope you have a great gardening weekend Marmie.

DP Nguyen said...

The chive flowers look great! Your entire family looks like they are having such a great time helping you with the garden!

lola said...

There is nothing better than being a Country Girl. It's the best.
I'm glad to see the whole family is enjoying gardening. Being on a farm is the greatest.

Darla said...

Is that Creeping Jenny in the container on the patio? Great post,love to see the gardening virus spread!

marmee said...


good morning to you. we are having the best spring here in leiper's. just having a spot of coffee before heading to the rainy day market. we usually head out earlier but it is just so wet.
do you know any of the wildflowers we have? i need to look them up.

marmee said...

i am glad you have you along on the farm and the goings on around my grandpa used to say.
i am very excited about the kids having their own patches of land to take care of. this is a most healthy hobby...for them.
beatrice is almost thirty pounds...she will pass up maggie any day in weight. she is a sweet dog but lately we call her the mud puppy with all the rain she is staying outside and very muddy.
you too have a wonderful weekend in the garden.

marmee said...

we all are having a grand time in the watering necessary these days.
those chive flowers are so spicey and tasty.

marmee said...


i grew up visiting my grandparents on their farm and loved it. but i lived in the city. we have moved several times in our marriage. back and forth city, country, city, and now the country again. i think we are staying put...except for allergies this is perfect.
our family is really enjoying all that comes with living here...and gardening, vegetables, wide open spaces, walking into the woods, privacy...the list goes on.
we are very blessed to have such a place as this.

marmee said...


yes indeed that is creeping jenny. it is overtaking the pot and the violas/pansies in there with it. i just love the colour of it's delicate leaves. i was thinking of putting some in the ground to spread.
i am so glad my children are getting into gardening...the older girls(30/26) loved it when they were little and now are trying their hands at little gardening projects at their homes. it can be a lifelong hobby/love...i have been doing it all my life. isn't it so rewarding?!
have a happy weekend in your garden.

joey said...

And the country is indeed lucky to have you, Marmee ... love Abbey's garden. You are a wonderful mother ... enjoy tomorrow. Happy Mother's Day!

Lisa said...

The country is the best!! Everything is looking beautiful.

Lisa Q

Wendy said...

You are so far ahead of us! Our daffodils are just finishing! Nothing else in sight - oh yes, our lily of the valley are up, no flowers yet, though.

Loved Abby's little sandbox. it's so cute. She must have loved having one of her own and with seats no less!

Thanks for sharing your garden and family and pets.
Happy Mother's Day to you.

marmee said...

thank you dear joey,

i love being a mother so it comes naturally. happy mother's day!

marmee said...


thank you! the country is great.

marmee said...


isn't it fascinating what different places we are in our growing season. as you know my sister, meems is finishing her spring garden and my is just starting. that's what makes blogging so cool, seeing everyone's progress.
happy mother's day/!

Anonymous said...

well, this kept me posted on the happenings while i was gone, i think my favorite picture is the wildflowers, soooo beautiful love you, rach

marmee said...

love you too rach,
i missed you and glad you back...thanks for coming by.

Meems said...

Embracing your roots, I think, my sweet sis. We just can't get away from it no matter how we try. So now we just ride with it... so many great images of your beautiful spring farm. It is great the kids are joining in with growing their own little patches. Some great lessons to learn from gardening.

marmee said...

thanks meems,
yes embracing the life we are living is a gift...for years i prayed i would be i am. having the children join in with us in garden is a huge delight.