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it's that time of year

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

land of mini's

there are lots of animals at rein water ranch.
miniature horses are no exception.

meet jewel...

she is a pretty black and white filly just a few years old.
then there is willie...
he is the oldest but is too modest to tell you his real age.
and finally there is sparky.

he was previously owned by an electrician...they think he is in his teens.
there are other mini's but these are the ones that "sparked" our attention.
abbey was able to ride jewel bareback.

but it's willie who has a special talent.

he had to be primped for it.
the girls were trying to get him looking just right.

willie might have felt silly...but he was feeling loved all the same.
next came hitching him up to the cart.
then with harness in place...abbey was able to drive willie.

life on the ranch of wonderful adventures.
thanks jean and esther.
post script:
happy birthday to dh and david.
i love you both and will look forward to celebrating when i get home.


Lisa said...

I love them and want one! Animals are my weakness.

Lisa Q

Susie said...

Those ponies are so cute! Y'all must be having such a great time.

Roses and Lilacs said...

How fun. I always wanted a pony cart. What a great vacation for Abbey.

lola said...

What beautiful horses. The girls look like they are having a ball. Memories in the making.

marmee said...


i have a weakness for animals too...just ask my darling husband...children...or anyone that knows me.
some of these mini's are trying to find new homes!

marmee said...


they are adorable and are so used to children fawning all over them...they practically let you do anything to them. it has been great fun...especially for abbey.

marmee said...


abbey is really enjoying it...she is a little homesick but that is natural. she is a daddy's girl too. what she is learning is so valuable...she is never going to forget this summer.

marmee said...


this is going to be the summer to remember for abbey...she will always have this to look back on. there are two litters of puppies at the ranch too...boxers and australian shepards.

ShySongbird said...

What lovely little things they all are and the cart ride looked such fun. I'm glad you are having such a wonderful time and that we are sharing it!

Wendy said...

Awww, I love miniature ponies! They are so sweet. You have some nice pics, Marmee. I like that last one of everybody in the pony cart.
Wonderful memories for all!

marmee said...


this is a great experience for abbey to see all the different possiblities. she and i have spent some days apart too. it is my pleasure to share these times with you.

marmee said...


these are actually miniature horses so they have more of a horse mentally than a pony. i think it makes them a little more nice. they are such fun we want to take one you think dh would approve...i can tell