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it's that time of year

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Monday, May 4, 2009

rainy may garden


we have had 4/5 days straight of is very soggy here.
today you could literally feel the moisture in the air...but there
was a small window while it wasn't actually dh and i
were out there trying to finish the raised beds...we have gotten three
planted so far...when abbey got home from school she was dancing in
the rain...singing in the rain...playing soccer in the rain.

this is the two newest beds put down today and planted.
8 bradley tomato plants
4 romaine lettuces
3 lettuces
2 lavender herbs
6 petunia /light blue
6 wonderland rose/alyssum
3 great blue lake scopia/bacopa
seeded cottage red/marigold
1 magic aster
8 rows of easter egg radishes
seeded bean bush/royal burgundy



poppy plant


cherry zinnia
light blue petunia
last weekend we went to the franklin street festival...i got several
things but this got put in today...the ears got broken the first day we
had it and dh glued them back is a small bird feeder i put in
the wildflower garden.

everything has gotten a little beaten down from all the rain.
lavender pentas
red star pentas

raspberry bush blooming

wonderland rose/alyssum

pirates patch/tiearella

teddy bear/magnolia

stevia herb and more cherry zinnias waiting for
the ground to dry out a little before being planted.
yesterday i had cabin fever from being couped up for days...
i was out there pruning and pulling weeds in the felt
good to be out there in the dirt again today...more rain is in the forecast.


DP Nguyen said...

We've had lots of rain here too. It's supposed to rain all week. Looks like your plants are loving the rain, and it doesn't seem to be harming them any. Lovely photos!

tina said...

It doesn't look so wet but I look at it this way-we need to fill up and rain is good. We'll be begging for it later. Those raised beds look really really good! I too bought stevia this year. I chew the leaves and it really is sweet. A neat herb.

Susie said...

It's interesting to see the things you are now planting that in our zone will not make it thru the summer. That lavender bacopa being one. This is such a pretty plant. The other is the alyssum.

At the nursery we are thru selling them. We will get them back in in the fall.

With all the rain you are receiving your plants will be growing wonderfully.

Gail said...

The break in the rain was nice...I thought I saw a forecast saying today (Tuesday) would be partly cloudy! Yeah!

Lovely plants, pentas are a good addition to a garden and I think the hummers like them...


Meems said...

It is SO exciting to follow along while you 'build' your spring garden. Now I think I know how you feel watching me progress along in mine when our planting calendar is SO different. To imagine things just getting started makes me tired. Maybe because I'm already tired from working in the garden since January???

I DO love all your choices... YOU found bacopa! As I suspected early on I don't think it likes our intense heat as it is already cowering. You are going to love it though. It will appreciate having your cool nights.

Hugs to you**** Wish I could borrow just a little bit of that rain. LOL We are SO VERY DRY!

Roses and Lilacs said...

Your garden is looking good. Love the bunny bird feeder. Curious what you will do with the Stevia? It's supposed to rain here tomorrow. So far it's been good weather to transplant things.

Dirt Princess said...

I think you got our rain. We needed it, but it does beat up some of the more fragile plants. Hopefully they will perk back up. I planted some pentas last year, I don't think they are coming back. This seems to be a recurring problem for me :(. Live and learn

Cheryl said...

Poor you much frustrating and yet your enthusiasm is amazing. I know that feeling...let me out of heeeerrrreeeee. I hate to be shut in, I need to feel the wind in my hair.

You have some beautiful blooms and I love the raised have made a wonderful job.
I love to see everything growing, and the choices you are making. I feel priviledged to share your garden and I cannot say thank you enough. Don't you just love blogging.......

marmee said...


i am not sure they are all loving the rain...our yard retains a lot of water because we are hilly and the low parts are sopping wet. our front yard is a
here's to some dry days.

marmee said...


the local nursery was putting everything away in anticipation of having more you remember a rainier spring? i don't in the last 9 years that we have been here in tn. i know in the summer we will be crying for rain but all at once is a bit much...i am concerned about my seeds...rotting or dying. we will see. the raised beds should fair well no matter.
i think i am going to plant my stevia in the berry bramble...let me know how yours is doing!?

marmee said...


i too find it fascinating to see what is going on in different people gardens all around the states and other countries too.
i have never had bacopa but hope it will do well for a while.i planted the alyssum in several places to see in which it would do best/partial shade & full sun & mostly sunny.
i think most plants will be okay but it's the seeds that i am worried about.
hope you get some rain soon.

marmee said...


i always had pentas in florida and yes the hummers and butterflies love them. these are in full sun which is what they love.
the nursery that i visited today was putting their plants away in anticipation of more rain, yuck. i love the rain but in some places in my yard you could literally take a swim.
so glad today there was no rain here.

marmee said...


i was so excited to see the bacopa here so i snatched all three plants they had...sometimes if you don't get it when you see will be gone.
it is so strange to be doing now what you were doing in jan/feb but that is just how different our climates are. it is tiring work but so worth it. i keep telling dh won't it be nice when we just know things instead of everything being so new...why have i waited so long to do this...veggie gardening? the companion part is what i have a hard time remembering what goes with what. but i will be knowing it better by this time next year.
i so wish i could rain barrels of extra rain down to you and your garden. would that be a hoot if you really could.

marmee said...


i think i am going to plant the stevia with my berries/raspberry/blueberry. i will try some recipes and use it in tea. glad your weather is cooperating with you.
it has been nice and cool here so at least while we are working it is not hot.

marmee said...

dirt princess,

i know pentas thrive in florida. so they like dry sandy soil. i hope mine do alright here...butterflies and hummingbirds like them. they are in very soggy ground right now so i pray they make it.

marmee said...


i believe i do love blogging but who is such a funny place. i do so love seeing and hearing how others are doing in their gardens. i love visiting you...seeing what is so different and what your ideas are. we spent a large part of today out there making more beds and our children are starting their own raised beds. our enthusiasm has caught on. it was cute going to the nursery with abbey and two of her brothers, watching them pick and choose what to put in their beds.
thanks for being a part of our journey into this very new lifestyle of more gardening...a lot more gardening.
we are really enjoying it so much.
happy may gardening to you, dear cheryl.

Lisa said...

Beautiful!!! Just beautiful...

Lisa Q

marmee said...


thank you!
enjoy your may garden.

ShySongbird said...

I've just been catching up with your latest posts Marmee and they are all so interesting, lovely photos also. Your new bird feeder is so unusual.

I sympathise with your allergy attack which you mentioned on a previous post, I have many allergies which can be very tiresome to say the least!

How busy you are with all your lovely plants, I do hope they all do well.

Brad and Esther Pagh said...


I love the new bird feeder, it is too cute. We are having a great time down here in Florida with G & E. I know what Meems means about needing raine, we do! Puppies just got their tails done today! That was interesting for everyone....Love you


Dee/reddirtramblings said...

We've also been inundated with rain, but this afternoon, it has stopped for a moment.

I think your garden will be so beautiful just like your daughter. I loved her smile.

You're so smart to plant flowers with the vegetables. Happy Spring.~~Dee

SweetAnnee said...

Absolutely wonderful..and what a SWEET helper.. I so love nature..and my grandson Caleb is
right by my side in the garden and in bird watching.. He's 5 and so fun!!

fondly, Deena

Frances said...

Hi Marmee, I was sure I left a comment here but don't see it so here is what I have to say! Your plantings are fantastic and the little gardener is adorable. This rain is welcome, but we would like it to be at night and then sunny during the day so we can work outside. Can you arrange that, please?

Re said...

Your raised beds are looking amazing.

joey said...

Such good stuff going on, Marmee, and we must remember, rain often makes it so :) Dee said it best ... "I think your garden will be so beautiful just like your daughter."

Wendy said...

Oh, I remember soccer in the rain. Having to watch our children playing in the rain. And the coaches wouldn't cancel unless there was lightening. Yuk. I'd rather watch in the sunshine.

Never mind, your gardens will be happy. I absolutely love fushia. Will get some of those this year. You've put in a lot of work. Glad you enjoy putting your hands in the earth and teaching your children the same.
Hugs from Canada!